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News You Did Not Know Because The Media Was Busy With Demonetization


long queue outside bank due to demonetizationThe day Narendra Modi announced that 500 and 1000 rupee paper notes will no more be in circulation, the country went into a whirlwind. It’s been about 10 or more so days since the process started and while there have been some disappointing events other stories have inspired the nation. We bring to you a brief run down of what all newsworthy was missed in the country during this period.

1. Kashmir is Peaceful Again

With even Separatist leaders having trouble paying off stone pelters and other miscreants, the crime in the valley has almost become negligible. People who earlier wore masks and injured policemen are now seen standing in lines outside banks and having a chat with the same policemen.


2. Death of an Infant in Suburb Mumbai

A private hospital located in the outskirts of Mumbai refused to admit an infant who was in dire need to medication because the father had old currency of Rs.500 notes which the doctor did not accept. The infant died due to lack of medical attention. This event prompted the Central government into making change in the policies of demonetisation process.

3. God Literally Comes to Rescue

In small sleepy town of Kerala farmers, housewives and almost all other people were having trouble getting new currency notes due to the only bank in the town being closed down. The church authorities sensing the problem of the masses opened the donation box of the church for public consumption. Since most donations are of Rs.10, 20 or 5 people can take as much as they want and return whenever they can.

4. Banker Runs Away With New Currency

A banker in Mohali ran away with 7 lakh rupees of new currency in the early hours of the day. The cash was supposed to be deposited in the ATM machine. There was a huge line outside the ATM as well as the bank branch which was nearby. Nobody realized that the banker was running away with money and even the police let him go!


5. Black Money is Good for the Economy

Akhilesh Yadav Chief Minister of ‘Rising’ Uttar Pradesh made a sensible but very ill-timed statement saying that black money saved the country during recession and therefore is good. Now while the statement is somewhat true it is a ludicrous statement to make considering thousands of honest Indians who suffer because of the black money.


6. Currency Change in Pakistan

Rumours of currency change happening in Pakistan started a few days after Modi’s Mann Ki Baat which announced currency change in India. Citizens of Pakistan started running to banks to change their 10,000 rupiah notes. Nawaz Sharif had to finally issue a statement saying that no currency change is happening in Pakistan. (They just love to copy us)


7. Punjabis have the biggest heart

People have been complaining of the long queues outside banks for exchanging money. A tea owner in Chandigarh decided to ease people’s trouble and now serves them tea free of cost. He targets banks with longest queues and makes people happy!

long queue outside bank due to demonetization


8. Beggars are now choosers

A businessman in Kolkata had to pay five lakh rupees to his client. Failing to manage it in legal tender he contacted the beggars in Kolkata for change and managed to pay off his client.

Demonetisation is testing the country’s patience but in the long run is actually beneficial for the country. So for once lets tolerate the pains and make an effort to actually finish off the black money in the country.


ATM’s Not Working, 500 And 1000 Notes Banned; But Can We All Have Some Patience Please?

Medha Malaviya
Human being from Uttar Pradesh (Yes, they do exist!). History buff. Rarely correct but always right. Wants to intern with Winchester brothers. Anti-meme.



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