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News: San Diego County Unemployment Rises in Start of 2021 and Indoor Restrictions Increase


San Diego, California, January 7, 2021,  ZEXPRWIRE, Congress passed a legislation for a second round of PPP that the outgoing President Trump signed into law. When the global pandemic first struck California in March of this year, there were tens of thousands of jobs that were lost due to the mandated shut-down. In December 2020, California issued a new round of lockdown and debilitating restrictions on businesses, according a top award winning business lawyer Brad Nakase at the class action law firm Nakase Wade California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer.

While San Diego businesses began to reopen and jobs began to get a little bit better in October and November 2020, another round of shut-downs in December may cause even more jobs to be lost.

While the continued job loss won’t be as large in numbers as it was at the start, the layoff rate in big cities such as San Diego doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

While some places can continue to keep some employees, others have been forced to get rid of most of their employees.

For example, some restaurants have been able to keep some employees because they can serve food outside. However, some restaurants cannot do that.

Even with serving food outside, there is still a 50% decrease in restaurant jobs.

For restaurants that do not have outdoor seating areas, they are forced to get rid of most of their employees simply because they cannot keep them financially. While they have the option of serving takeout food, it doesn’t make nearly as much money as the traditional dine-in.

Without having the option of dine-in, sales have decreased by 80% from before the pandemic hit. While restaurants are trying to find ways to survive and serve, it is seemingly not feasible for some.

To try to work around this, the San Diego Mayor has decided that restaurants can use the sidewalk outside their business for serving which may help keep some above water.

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