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Eric Brunson’s newly released book for leaders looking to successfully manage teams in 2021 and beyond


Eric Brunson, an educator and organizational leadership coach, has announced the release of his insightful debut, Vacuuming is Just Indoor Mowing: A Leader’s Guide to Changing Other’s Perception. Brunson turned to writing after years of researching how Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z vary in terms of communication preferences, learning styles, and professional needs. He hopes that his work will show that perceptions matter and help leaders to manage a multi-generational workforce. 

Vacuuming is Just Indoor Mowing is built on three linked concepts: Changing someone’s perception can change their mind. Changing their mind can change their actions. Changing their actions can bring amazing success to any team. Through his work, Brunson emphasizes the importance of being an accessible leader who understands each follower’s unique success path instead of maintaining a rigid vision of progress. As the composition of each organization continues to shift over time, it’s essential for leaders to pivot as needed to accommodate the worldviews of different generations. 

Leaders from any industry can benefit from the lessons in Vacuuming is Just Indoor Mowing. Brunson’s guide breaks down barriers to communication by highlighting core strategies that can be applied to any generational age group. As Millennials move into middle management and face the challenge of achieving balance between followers of different backgrounds, Brunson urges young leaders to view perceptions through the lens of three key principles: 1) They are ours. 2) They are individual. 3) They can be changed. 

In Vacuuming is Just Indoor Mowing, Brunson draws upon a lifetime of experience as an educator and a leadership coach. Although employees of different ages share many commonalities, Brunson introduces the distinctions between Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z in an inclusive and productive way. In modern times, the workforce has faced considerable upset and change, making Vacuuming is Just Indoor Mowing a particularly timely addition to the field of mindful leadership. 

Eric Brunson is an author, educator, and leader with a passion for helping leaders navigate a multi-generational workplace. After graduating from Grand Canyon University with a master’s degree in Leadership, Brunson has built a career as a leadership coach for call centers. He can be found online at Brunson lives and writes in Texas with his wife, Christi, and their daughter Samantha.

Vacuuming is Just Indoor Mowing: A Leader’s Guide to Changing Other’s Perception is available for purchase on and other major retailers.

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