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Making Bangladesh Proud- Anusha Chowdhury


Most situations in a person’s life tend to teach him/her some lesson(s). The on-going situation of the pandemic is one of the most realistic situations that have taught mankind how to survive in such stressful and appalling situations. People have realized the unparalleled importance of basic needs such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, medicines, etc. that are consumed by people under any circumstances. Considering the importance of such needs by the general public, Anusha Chowdhury, an entrepreneur, and a CEO has launched the first-ever e-commerce grocery store known as “Bazar Nao”, which even provides credit facility to people for buying good-quality groceries.

Anusha revealing the reason behind choosing entrepreneurship as a career

Anusha hails from Chittagong Bangladesh. She grew up in Oman. She pursued Bachelors’s in Business administration with a major in Marketing from North South University, Dhaka. She believes to have chosen this path of entrepreneurship because she wants to rise to prominence by the complete utilization of her skills. While doing a job is a safe source of income, Bangladesh is a country that is overpopulated and opportunities are very scarce. Therefore, she decided to create her opportunity and provide opportunities to others as well through her ventures. “I have seen a lot of people struggle for a job and then get terminated under uncertain circumstances, I did not want to have the same fate,” remarks Anusha. 

Anusha’s objective behind launching Bazar Nao

Anusha’s recent start-up “Bazar Nao” is an e-commerce platform that stands with a total new USP in the market of Bangladesh e-commerce. It is an online e-commerce platform that focuses on groceries. Anusha says that this pandemic has taught her a valuable lesson of appreciating our daily necessities. According to data, 61 million Bangladeshi citizens are jobholders. The salary may be late but one needs to purchase your groceries. Most Bangladeshi communities have a local grocery store that provides them with groceries on credit. However, these stores do not provide variety and superior quality products like the supermarkets do. With Bazar Nao, people will not have to settle for less and they will be able to buy superior quality groceries from a wide range of goods, on credit. 

The current progress of Bazar Nao

Currently, Bazar Nao is partnered with multiple prominent consumer goods companies in Bangladesh and working towards adding more variety to its categories. Going forward, Bazar Nao aims to be the best e-grocery platform Bangladesh has to offer. At the moment, the operations are limited within Dhaka city to ensure that the store can provide the most optimal service to our customers. Moreover, they plan to expand to the divisional cities and then grow nation-wide in a short time.

Anusha describing her work profile

Apart from working for Bazar Nao, Anusha owns and manages 2 businesses. She owns an apparel company which is known as L’anush, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality ready-made garments to renowned brands. She is also the CEO of Vision Induction Wads, a manufacturer of Induction Wads for sealing of HDPE/ PET/ PP & Glass Bottles & Jars, aluminium blister foil, and lids foil.

Bazar Nao is a thriving E- Grocery platform with ample opportunities and a massive ambition for expansion. Anusha is looking for avenues to expand and welcomes any sort of opportunity to do so as she reiterates the importance of the untapped potential of the huge population to one of the fastest growing economies of South Asia.

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