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New Global Blockchain-Powered Governing System To Change Africa’s Economy


The United Allied States, abbreviated as UAS, is recently announced with the founding principles of freedom, dignity for humanity, and free-market prowess.

Startup Fortune, June 22, 2020: The web3.0 industry is witnessing a new form of freedom with the “UAS” initiating. UAS believes in expanding its vision of delivering a contemporary taste of freedom and prosperity to the residents of the assorted sovereign states. They seek to employ the opportunity of taking the principles from historical accords to develop a strong and sovereign nation, as stated by Cory Cozad, a Congressman of UAS. UAS seeks to provide economic benefits and devote itself to the creation of the wealth by promoting freedom, respect, and open venture to its inmates to strengthen the American Dream throughout Africa and other continents. Not only does it focus on bringing an impact on the lives of its citizens, but it also looks forward to bringing prosperity with its collaborators, neighbours, and the whole continent.

A Collaborative Formulation: The establishment of their vision suggested through the inauguration of special economic zones throughout the world. These economic zones shall be a source of the significant critical resources, including food, infrastructure, and energy, to its associated nation. This association enacted with a treaty between the UAS and the ally. This provides the partner nations with the opportunity to inherit an economically and financially stable, unbounded, and business-accelerated territory that gives them a source of developing exceptional services and resources that would have otherwise be considered as a risky step.

With this roadmap, the establishment of this state surely looks to provide regions with a hope to counter their economic hardships and financial instability by developing resources that would’ve been impossible otherwise. UAS, with its impressive and stable governmental system, looks to authorize its citizens as the state providing the most effective freedom and prosperity.

Beliefs and Objectives: There were several beliefs and objectives under which the United Allied States was founded.

–         Rights of Citizens and Their Freedom

The government institutions created in UAS are focused on providing service and protection to its people. Taking responsibility of offering freedom and a living opportunity to its citizens along with an environment for settling a small business, UAS built itself under these principles for preferring its citizens under any case.

–         Free-Market Enterprise

UAS has discovered the necessity of businesses, thus providing compelling conditions for growing innovative companies with an equal accomplishment for every worker. They have discarded personal income taxes, corporate taxes, and property taxes for their citizens and businesses. This surely has gathered considerable interest in many countries and industries around the world.

–         Efficiency in Governance

The departments and services available at UAS will be connected with the most advanced blockchains systems available. The citizens can access and utilize the services of their platform to execute several government-induced tasks within minutes.

For successfully executing this efficient system, UAS has announced its collaboration with Apollo Fintech, a leading blockchain company, for the development of the interconnected solutions for the government. With the help of Apollo’s ingenuity, UAS concentrates on ensuring the availability of a secure and well-managed system for the state’s resources.

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