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The most awaited ‘I-am-willing-to-flunk-for-this-ain’t-nothing-you-can-do-about-it’ music festival: Hell Yeah!

An ear-pleasing-brain-numbing entrepreneurial speech by a renowned leader: You betcha!

Desi-boy Gig: Hallelujah!

Lip-smackin’ food with spicy events: Kudos to that.

Upping the glamour quotient for money? Well, that’s the dream, my friend.

And for three long days: Our calendars will be blocked *insert smug look*

So, here’s presenting NEEV – The Annual Business School festival of Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), Pune. It initially lay down the foundations of a modest college fest in 1995 and has since broken all barriers, reflecting flamboyance and exuberance; such as to now be counted amongst the crème de la crème of business school festivals (Go Google it!).

With the title sponsor for NEEV 2013 as Tata Motors and associate sponsors being Vodafone, ONGC & IndiGo Airlines, it brought with itself a perfect blend of intellect, talent and glamour by:

  •  Bringing SUNBURN for the very first time to Pune (That’s how we roll)!
  • Inviting Aditya Ghosh – CEO of IndiGo Airlines.
  • Launching the Raghu Dixit project in association with EVC.

1540562_822788957752778_1704170900633385653_oHaving a footfall of over 12000, including 4000+ participants from International B-Schools and leading Business Schools all over India, NEEV takes pride in hosting its flagship event:




It is a hunt for the Best Student Manager of the country. AUGUSTUS has received critical acclaim for its ability to challenge its participants and push themselves to reach beyond their potential to win 4000$ – one of the highest cash prizes that Business Schools in India have to offer!

And also hosts:

Customized Case Studies

With the brightest minds of the country participating in the events, you can ask them to solve real-life case studies of your organization in any field. You could then use their innovative ideas / out-of-the-box thinking for your purpose.


A Quick Re-cap and the future at India’s largest B-School Event:

 NEEV includes 35+ business games and a variety of cultural events, organized over 3 days every year. These include:

  •  Management games, corporate playoffs, celebrity talk shows/nights, cultural events, online contests, fashion and dance offs (Get ‘em jazz shoes on!).
  •  A budget of INR 1.3 Crore (NEEV 2013) distributing cash prizes of over 17 lacs (Money, money, must be funny, in the management world!)
  • Associations with leading companies including:- EBay, SAB Miller, Deltin Casinos, Hincol, Swipe Technologies, Bagla  Total Solutions, Mother Diary, Topskin, Enquotism, Rucha, MyCar, Budhani Bros, WTF Lounge, PetronetLNG, Globus, Spykar, VLCC, RED FM to name a few (A standing ovation and a military salute).




  •  Speakers like Kumar Mangalam Birla,Mr. Aditya Ghosh (India’s youngest CEO and GQ businessman of the year 2013), President and Executive Director, at InterGlobe Aviation Limited (IndiGo), Mr. H. K. Gandhi – Group HR Head, Indigo Airlines, to name a few (Who set our brains on fire?!?).
  •  A potential platform to brand products and services of organizations across several industries (Diamond Biscuit, Diamond Biscuit!)

Top events hosted during this jam-packed 3-day fest would be:




Where some powerful leaders from all fields of life conduct inspirational talks for our young minds and guide them, on how to take on the world (Watch out, because we offer some kick-ass motivation!).


 Is a musical evening where star-performers take to the stage and capture every soul through the magic they create. It hosts one of the hottest music festivals: SUNBURN and also bands like Akcent (Here comes the Global Effect)!



 A ‘Desi-Jam-Session’ where our own Indian pop-stars set the platform on fire and leave you dazzled, for what you are about to experience, would be mind-boggling!

Celebrating its history with celebrities like KK, Euphoria, Parikrama, Raghu Dixit and Indian Ocean, we call out to those of you drowning in the talent pool – now is your time to rise(Give it up for our boys from Pind)!


And now, SCMHRD, Pune, 7th December 2014, NEEV – India’s 3rd Biggest B-School Fest, is where it will all go down; offering you the platform to discover the power of innovation hidden in us all and celebrate the passion that drives us to self-realization, success and glory!

Missing such an event, especially for a college student like me, would be like letting a good ol’ scotch go to waste. Come, now breathe in the excitement and relish the atmosphere, for this, my friends was just a glimpse of what happened and a walk towards what is yet to come. So stay tuned with us for more updates from NEEV 2014!





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