Need Someone To Stand In Queues At ATMs For You? You Can Now Book A “Chotu”

Out of all the demonetisation stories you’ve heard, this might be the most bizarre.

Midst the growing startup culture in India, someone has used his/her mind in the craziest way to come up with something as cool as this!

Ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath and welcome the coolest of cools among startups. Your very own company, it is..


Book My Chotu

That’s right, now you can book a chotu to get your work done. (No, you filthy heads it’s not what you think it is!)

'Cuz startups and "jugaad" walk hand in hand!
‘Cuz startups and “jugaad” walk hand in hand!

So, this is a startup company which basically lets you hire someone (chotu: as Delhi as it can get) to stand in those queues in place of you at ATMs and/or banks to get your cash exchanged. And mind you, the name “chotu” is just for the sake of it, all the people that work here are above 18 years of age.

Starting at Rs. 90 an hour, someone will stand in the queue while you go about your daily chores. You just have to show up when they call you right before your turn is up. And since you won’t have to share your card details or account numbers, it is completely safe!

The services cost Rs 90 for an hour, Rs 170 for two hours, Rs 260 for three hours, Rs 330 for four hours, Rs 380 for five hours, Rs 450 for a six hours, Rs 500 for seven hours and Rs 550 for full eight hours.

Prices to hire a "chotu".
Prices to hire a “chotu”.

Sadly, service is currently only available in UP, Haryana, and Delhi. To book a ‘chotu’ aka ‘helper’, the user needs to register online or call on +91-8587028869. Once the user receives confirmation, they can easily direct the helper to stand in the ATM/bank queue for them.

The company further notes that the helper will not enter the bank, and will just stand in the queue for the customer which makes it legit safe!

The co-founder of the startup reportedly said in an interview that he came up with the idea when his mother was seriously ill and he needed money but couldn’t leave her alone! (Looks like kind sir weren’t aware that old currencies are still being accepted in hospitals, lol.)

But whatever it is, like it’s said “Necessity is the mother of invention” or in our case “mother of juggad”.

Here's your 'chotu' to the rescue!
Here’s your ‘chotu’ to the rescue!

As for the startup, apart from standing in queues, a ‘chotu’ can also be hired for various domestic chores like shifting, cleaning, grocery shopping, market help, house party help, help in a religious get-together, and more.

So, that’s what Modi ji meant when he promised employment! Demonetisation is surging employment after all! Where is Kejru and Rahul baba now, right? Lol.

ANDDD the startup of the year award goes to .. ”  “.

Yes, you guessed it right. *wink-wink*

Picture courtesy: Google Images

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