The 2017-18 NBA season has begun with some exciting match-ups and led to some rather shocking conclusions.

We’re gonna do a little rewind for you and tell you how the big boys of the NBA fared on their first week and what more we can expect from them in the long run.

NBA Teams
The NBA big boys and potential MVP candidates.

Let’s analyze the usual suspects later (Cavaliers and Warriors, duh) and take a look at the rather unlikely contenders for the championship first.

We’re gonna get you started with Oklahoma City Thunder, home of the reigning MVP Russell Westbrook:

The season for OKC Thunder started off on a high flyer, with their match-up against New York Knicks, the former team of the now OKC Thunder man, Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks were knocked to the core as Westbrook started the season where he left off with his 80th career triple-double and Anthony chipped in with 22 of his own.

They lost their 2nd match to Utah Jazz but the fact that Westbrook needs to adapt his game will continue to be a topic of debate in order to facilitate the 2 other members of his team’s star trio, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George.

L to R: Paul George, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony.

Sure, it’s early in the season but the cohesion play of the OKC’s big 3 will be the key to them making the Western playoffs for the NBA title. They meet the Timberwolves next to wrap up their 1st week.

Moving on to Houston Rockets:

A perfect start to their season with 3 wins out of 3 in a long, grueling 82-game NBA season but the Rockets have managed to beat the defending champions Golden State Warriors in their opening match-up.

Who’s to credit?

Yup. You know him. James Harden.

Beard goals, James Harden.


He’s chipped in with 29-27-27 points win, 3 games with 7-9-10 assists and 3-3-6 rebounds. The stat line shows that Harden is playing to take the Rockets to yet another playoff spot and needless to say, get his hands on the MVP trophy for the regular season.

His partnership with Chris Paul will be the key to their glory for this season.

Let’s go with the unlucky ones for this week, the Boston Celtics:

A week to forget for the NBA royalty.

Celtics were punished by LeBron James’ Cavaliers in their opening game as former Cavalier, Kyrie Irving (now playing for Celtics) returned to face his former teammates in a clash of the Titans.

The gruesome injury to Gordon Hayward as he broke his ankle.

Above all, it was the horrific injury to Celtics man Gordon Hayward which potentially was a season-ender and the entire community prays for his speedy recovery.

The Celtics have recovered, though. They had 2 consecutive losses but beat Philadelphia 76ers to get their first win.

Will they make the playoffs after potentially losing Gordon Hayward for the season? Now that’s something which has got everyone scratching their heads.

We sure hope they do.

Moving on to the reigning NBA champions, Golden State Warriors:

The Warriors lost their opening match-up to Houston Rockets, won against the Pelicans and then lost another one to Memphis Grizzlies to have a rather rough start.

Have they lost their game? Is this the end of the Warriors? But Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry got ejected out of the game for their behavior in the Grizzlies game?

No reasons to worry. It’s almost certain that the Warriors will make it to the playoffs and the finals. Just gotta get into the groove, it’s only a matter of time.

I’m still laughing at Durant for that not-so-clutch buzzer beater in the last second from their game against the Rockets.

And now, the Cleveland Cavaliers:

2 wins, one loss in the opening 3 games.

Not so bad. In fact, it’s quite typical of the Cavaliers.

LeBron and co. decimated the Celtics in the opener (where the Celtics lost Hayward), then won against the Milwaukee Bucks by a blowout (and Derrick Rose got injured. WHAT ELSE IS NEW EXCEPT THE SKY BEING GREEN?) and finally, lost to Orlando Magic (quite surprisingly, if I may).

Just like GSW, there’s nothing to worry about them in the regular season. They’re known to be a team which saves its best form for the playoffs and finals and this season looks to be the same.

Key player(s): LeBron James, without a doubt. “The King” is averaging 25 points a game in 3 games and looks set and more determined for his 4th NBA title.

Dwyane Wade is still adjusting to his role but that shouldn’t take much time and the Cavaliers will be back in full force by the new year as Isaiah Thomas returns in January.

So there you have it, folks!

The 2017-18 NBA regular season looks more exciting than the last one but will the outcomes be the same as last time? We’re surely excited to find out.

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