There are no two doubts in saying that the education system in our country is messed up beyond repair. We and the generation before us is a product of this nefarious system cum sewage line.

For generations, we have been waiting for a political party or a person of authority to show an interest in attempting to clean this drain.

On that note, the initiative taken by the Aam Aadmi Party government is incredible and admirable. It has been in news for the policies made by it for bettering the primary education. Starting with the issue of fee hike, private schools in Delhi have started to refund excessive fee charged by them after Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government issued a show-cause notice to 449 private schools asking them to implement the High Court’s order.

This was a sigh of relief for the parents and victory for the often criticized political party.

But the Delhi government didn’t stop at that. The modern infrastructure of government schools is going to be at par with private players’. Here’s the thing: modern infrastructure isn’t that necessary for education. But having a good infra definitely, motivates the student to attend school and the parent to send their kids to a place with a good environment. While growing up, we became accustomed to the shabby and shady buildings of government schools, but soon we may walk past a beautiful building surprised at realizing that it is a government school.

Certainly, not all government schools have been remodeled as of now. It will take time. However, the pilot projects look great.

Image Source: Jarnail Singh AAP (Twitter)
Image Source: Aam Aadmi Party (Twitter)
Image Source: Hindustan Times
Image Source: Hindustan Times

Another evidence of the blooming educational reform in government schools in Delhi is that around 900 students migrated to this Delhi government school, Sarvodaya co-ed Senior Secondary School, in Rohini Sector 21.

How To Train A School Teacher

Teachers and Principals have always been the direct source of learning for students. Unfortunately, they are often neglected and undertrained. In order to train teachers and principals of government schools, Delhi Govt. came up with the idea of sending them on training to reputable institutions.

As a part of that initiative, 90 principals of Delhi government schools were sent to Cambridge University in the UK for a leadership training program. Similarly, around 200 govt school teachers were sent to National Institute of Education in Singapore for training. Not just foreign institutions, Principals were sent to IIM Lucknow too for training.

I can guess that the last paragraph gave you both goosebumps and a sense of optimism, right?

Education Minister Manish Sisodia Is Great At What He Does

It is tough to adequately cover everything when there is so much good news to cover.

Recently, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia read to children while inaugurating a library for primary classes at a government school in Moti Bagh. You might be wondering what the hell is a library doing in a primary class and that too in a government school? Well, 100 such libraries have been built across the city. As Sisodia puts it, “Diwali gift for children.”

I think you get the idea of how big a reform this has been, and is still ongoing.

Also, did I tell you that around 6000 new classrooms in over 100 government schools were inaugurated in Delhi this October? Might have missed that.

Hope after they are done with cleansing the primary education, they move towards secondary education and ultimately higher education.

Here’s to a better future of children.

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