Have you ever read a Chetan Bhagat novel?

Have you read a Durjoy Dutta novel?

If that’s the worst story, plot, fiction you’ve ever read, I put to you another piece of literature which is so unfunny that it is borderline funny.

Shefali Vaidya, whose Twitter bio reads as: “Columnist – Swarajya, Tarun Bharat, Traveller, Photographer, Satirist, Mum to triplets. Maybe admin of a popular parody handle. Proud practicing Hindu”, has shared a heart-wrenching story of how her triplets were born.

It was 2006, and she was lying in a hospital bed pregnant with her triplets.

To read her complete thread of tweets, expand the below tweet:

If you are an official procrastinator then here is the image of the compiled tweets:

Source: @MrSwap_nil (Twitter)

Now, to get the facts straight, her children were saved, and her complications were resolved because National Anthem generated some sort of adrenaline rush (?) in her veins and gave her goose bumps and she started to recover by listening to it on loop what is this I am not sure. My eyes are bleeding btw. Are yours?

With all due respect to Mrs. Shefali Vaidya, this is not how it works. I am neither a doctor nor a godman but I am cent percent sure that national anthem did not save your children. If national anthem makes your veins dance then you do need to get another medical checkup.

Some of the reactions to her were hilarious:

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There were some people who used vile language to bring her down too. I won’t publish them here because publicity is all these violent trolls want.

Anyways, whatever be her story, her freedom to tell a personal story, true or false, fiction or non-fiction, there is no need for people to abuse her and mock her children. She certainly has gone through tonnes of physical and mental pain. I disagree with her and find her story stupider than the stupidest meme there is. I will mock her for that story.

But but. Personal attacks are not what one should aim to do.

In the ongoing debate of National Anthem, there have been arguments, debates, and articles on the issue from different sides of the political spectrum. But if there were ever an award for the best cooked up illogical content to support an ideology, this one by Shefali Vaidya would win hands down.

Shows the length people go to to support an ideology even when it sounds irrational at the very face.

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