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Moms At Board Exam Results Time: Nahhiiiiii, Ese Marks Kaise Aa Gaye?!


The Board Exams are going on and soon enough, the results will be out too! A new phase of life will begin. New places to study at, new people to meet, new friendships and new targets to meet! But, our very dear Indian Ma hasn’t changed since times immemorial. She still thinks the “nalaayak putt” could have scored a lot more. We love our mom’s, but the melodrama during the result time is worth admiring!

Thus, I bring to you the cherished remarks of every Mother India which can be heard in every Indian household during this jolly season (conditions applied!) of results!

1. Sab Tere Papa Ki Galti Hai!

ratna pathak shah
It’s always daddy dear’s fault for the low score. Because he bought the Yamaha bike you were always crazed about, because he bought you the iPhone you dreamed about, because he let you out late nights, it is Papa ki galti all the way!

2. Aane Dey Unko Ghar Aaj !

The ultimate “Dhamki”. And it works every time! It sends cold shivers down one’s back when the dreaded “aane dey papa ko ghar aj” is heard. No mom, no! please!

3. Wo Dekh, Pinku/ Tinku/ Minku/ Minti/ Sweety Ke Kitne Marks Aaye!

ratna pathak shah imraan khan
Arey! I am not Pinku/ Tinku! I am me, mom!

This is what every student wants to shout out loud when mothers resort to embarrassing comparisons between class toppers and poor you. And God forbid, if your friends score more than you, hell breaks loose.

4. Bola tha mene! Bola tha na!

Yes mom! You know everything before hand, always! And you precisely knew the results too!

5. Ye sab is phone ka nateeja hai!

Yes! It is the phone’s fault. Be it whatsapp or age old custom of hours spent on calls, the cell phones are the root cause for the score we got. If those precious hours ruined on whatsapp would have been spent wisely on books, ‘toh aaj tune top kiya hota, khota!”

6. Bas isi saal ki mehnat hai, phir mazzey!

The biggest lie you’ll ever hear! Try giving semester exams and you’ll understand the “mazzey” people promised after 12th class boards!

7. Kya kami reh gyi humari parvarish mein!

OMG! Spare me the horror mom! From where did “parvarish” come into the discussion! If I did not understand the accountancy question, or forgot the basic formula to be applied, how would have “parvarish’ helped me there!

8. Khair, mera raja beta kya khaega, apni pasand bta!

But after all the “moya marjana! ae ki kitta” she’ll love you no matter what. And it’ll be a feast with all your favourite dishes! Plus sweetdish, oh yeah!

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