What keeps us awake?

Out of the hundred things seriously wrong with this generation, sleeping habits is one. We all boast about being in love with sleep. Yet, no matter how early we make it to our beds, our eyes don’t shut until the clock strikes 1 or 2. For some really talented teenagers, the time the eyes finally give up is even around 4 in the morning. Ever wondered, what keeps them awake while the world slumbers?

Well, it is probably one of the following:

  1. Technology: Do I even need to explain this? Right from games and chatting, to someone like me who writes at night, technology has rendered the youth sleepless. Laptops, smart phones, Ipads; Candy crush, Facebook, Watsapp; pick one and hey, you turn an insomniac.                                                                                                                                                            technology

#Fact: The intensity of the insomnia is directly proportional to the cuteness of the chic or guy at the other end of the messenger and inversely proportional to the score of the game you’re playing.

  1. Books: These could be of any kind: novels, magazines, comics or academic books. Okay, you can strike off the last one, though they do contribute a bit to sleeplessness during exams. But on regular occasions, other books can keep one engaged or maybe, counting the pages can at least kill one’s time, while they stop their brain to get into the sleep mode.
  2. Love and breakups:                                                                   woman-crying-in-bed The reason the two are clubbed together is because they turn up in succession. You fall in love and your happiness overpowers the sleep. And then there’s a break up and the sleep takes its revenge. It refuses to creep in your eyes and sends a substitute instead: water. Or tears, as they call them!
  3. Dreams:  I, in any sense, am not talking about nightmares. Dreams are not what you see when you sleep but the ones that don’t let you sleep. So yeah, we have that passionate group that spends nights nurturing their ambitions.
  4. Staring at the ceiling:                                                           Staring at ceiling    And yes, we do have this group as well, who do not sleep, just for the sake of sleeping late. Get on your bed with your blanket and stare hard at the ceiling above. And who knows, you may probably one day drill through it.




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