Mohenjo Daro Review by Hrithik’s Biggest Fan Ever

By Vedant Kabra (Hrithik’s Super Fan)

First things first – I am Hrithik Roshan’s biggest fan ever. So you are signing up for this (apparently) lopsided review of Mohenjo Daro.

It’ll be hard to express in words what I felt during the movie. The movie was flawed – yes. But then, in its perfect imperfections – it became more than just a film. It became an experience.

mohenjodaro review

At least for the Hrithikian in me – the 3-year-old who sang KNPH songs with half-correct lyrics, the 12-year-old who waited under his building to meet him and the 19-year-old who posts a letter every month and waits everywhere to meet him. No, the entry scene isn’t replete with heroism. There’re perfect angular shots of Hrithik’s tanned biceps. Now, if you’re a Hrithik fan – the film has you right there. Soon, he is introduced in his full glory and it is the first 10 minutes when the film starts and the first 10 after the interval that you wouldn’t want to miss.

A slight current passed through my body as I saw him on screen. It’s unfair to keep us fans waiting for 2 years, but there is such novelty in every release – that it becomes less of a release and more of a celebration.

Yes, there’s the much talked about crocodile scene and then the story unfolds. Sarman and his lovable best friend Hojo embark on their journey to Mohenjo Daro. This is precisely the drabbest portion of the film – with the story trudging at a snails pace and no such character development. Well, to be honest, I was just greedy to see more of Hrithik the hero then.

Frankly, the lead actress could have done a better job. She smiles and she (almost) cries and that’s about it. She’s pretty, but her range of emotions are limited. None of the supporting actors barring Maham (Kabir Bedi), Junu and Hojo have done a job that deserves a separate mention. Arunoday Singh has all the makings of a deliciously evil villain but he was under utilized. Frankly (again) – this film could have been renamed SarmanNama or some such and it’d have not mattered. For its a one man show all the way – he emotes, he dances like a dream, he loves ‘innocently’, he fights and he ultimately saves the civilization. As long as the 6 feet tall frame is on the screen, you really do not need anything else. (I went for Hrithik alone and I haven’t made a better investment in long. This has got to be the best ₹200 I have spent in forever.)

mohenjodaro review

True – a fan like me would want to dance. The film has those moments but each time these moments come – you’d want to only clap for Hrithik (yes, HR is synonymous with these scenes.) The right after interval duel(s) (it’s never been seen before in Bollywood and you’ll be at the edge of your seat for the most part) and the climax (it’s never been seen before in Bollywood and you’ll be at the edge of your seat for the most part x 2) – will leave you more enthralled than you’ve been in a while.

Some questions remain unanswered – all of which are pivotal to the film’s plot and unlike every movie-spoiler around you – my conscience dictates me to NOT spoil any HR film. Ever. While the flaw of the film lies in the story – I also believe the film could have been fast-paced (at least in the first half). Importantly – while HR and Pooja lacked the much-needed chemistry – the chemistry HR shared with his friend Hojo more than made up for it.

It would be unfair to not dedicate an entire paragraph to the CGI. It was top-notch and the flood that struck the region LOOKED like a flood in the truest sense. The top shots of the settlement look believable as did the crocodile.

I’m glad it was the trailer that was not so good. With social media ho-hum before the film’s release, I was a tad bit disheartened. But the film more than made up for that.

I am not too sure about the historical flaws and I couldn’t care less. As the quintessential Indian Cine goer – I was more than just SUPERDUPERTROOPER happy with the entertainment the film delivered.

mohenjodaro review

Why was it an experience ?
I laughed with the film.
I felt the pain when the secrets were revealed.
I was sad when Sarman was beaten up.
I was happy when Sarman killed X, Y, Z (can’t name them. Conscience of a serial spoiler.)

Mohenjo Daro was Rahmagic at its best.

Dear Hrithik – you could come to the screens more often. More than once in two years. You give me nothing to complain about. Water right scripts would seal the deal.

But who am I kidding. I am happy as long as you’re on the screen.

mohenjodaro review

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