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Mikylee Bonthoux: Charting a success story like no other as a digital entrepreneur and real estate investor


The 21-year-old has a few tips to share with other aspirants for growing their real estate portfolio in 2020.

It is always very surreal to think about the talented minds the world has given birth to recently. A close look at the diverse business industries will let us know how certain young minds are leaving no stone unturned to sculpt a fulfilling and successful career for themselves. Mikylee Bonthoux is one amongst these youngsters who knew that to become wealthy and create more income-earning streams; he would have to take the responsibility on his shoulders and build a business of his own. 

Mikylee hails from California, and since his childhood dreamt of achieving staggering success in his career. Today, at only 21 years of age, he is already a name buzzing high in the digital world as a growing Instagram influencer and Instagram growth expert. His early fascination towards flashy toys, fast cars and fancy boats, motivated him to become a wealthy entrepreneur. Through YouTube, he learnt about making money online and from there started his quest to fulfill all his career dreams by creating something of his own and expanding his career into other lucrative fields. 

Learning through the process of doing and honing his skills, Mikylee turned into a highly-professional Instagram influencer and Instagram growth expert. Looking at the many potentials he could unlock in the real estate sector as well, Mikylee got into the same and has been building his real estate portfolio since. He has very intelligently purchased two condos and has rented on Airbnb. He believes he can even expand the number of real estates, which can turn more profitable in the future.

For all those looking to build their real estate portfolio like him, Mikylee shares a few tips people can follow to emerge as a successful and profit-making individual.

  •   Keep educating yourself on real estate: People at first might only get excited looking at the profits they can earn but it is essential to keep educating on real estate and learn new things that can help them to become a better investor and grow their portfolio.
  •   Be aware of the market trends: Mikylee says that one must keep their minds open to pick up the pace with the changing trends of the industry. To be relevant, one must always be up to date with new information and market trends.
  •   Build a team: After reaching a stage in the industry acquiring many rental properties, one might fail to give the attention every asset requires. Hence, Mikylee suggests to later build a team that can help manage the portfolio appropriately.
  •   Diversify: Experts have always said that a person should never put all his eggs into one basket. In the case of real estate, it is the same. People must also strive to diversify their real estate portfolio apart from making it large so that even if the housing market crashes, the diverse real estate portfolio can help an individual sail safely.

What’s impressive about Mikylee is the fact that he has always believed in himself and his hard work ethic, which has given him the status of a successful digital entrepreneur as well as a real estate investor. To keep knowing more about him, follow him on Instagram @mkzlive.

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