Microsoft Hololens: Fabricating Reality

Hello 2015, meet Future.

A futuristic world where:

One can think aloud and not be caught with embarrassing mind-visuals #VirtualJournals

You can literally build castles in the air and not get flogged for it. *Your very own Hogwarts*

Wearing your computer around your head, never felt cooler! *NVidia on my eyes*

Well, this virtual world that seemed to be miles away from coming true is now, just a heartbeat away from creating the perfect romance between our world and Three-Dimension. Here’s presenting to you the Microsoft HoloLens, that has not only surpassed what the Google glasses or The Samsung Gear VR could produce but, has pulled off the ultimate dream where in star-trek meets reality.


The Hololens is said to have created a world in its own by introducing an in-built holographic computer of the most advanced kind powered by Windows 10 (no surprise there, eh?).


The Glasses are equipped with High Definition Holographic lenses which enable you to merge your digital world with your physical life. The key characteristics include its ability to:


I.e., the user can hear the holograms *a 3-D reality with boom-boom*


To capture information about the environment you’re in. For instance, if one is sitting on the royal throne, emptying out previous night’s take-out, one can read the newspaper on the wall, so that leaves the hands free for…err….other activities…*if you know what I mean* he he….


The in-built camera spans 120 by 120 degrees, making it better than the Kinect, using only a fraction of the power. Also, this device is more powerful than a laptop where the warm-air vent is placed on the sides to avoid over-heating (your portable-scientific-ear-muffins) *pun intended*


The gaming world would be integrated with yours, being visible only to you. I wonder what’ll happen if we’re playing Grand Theft Auto on these bad boys? Maybe just knocking things over in our mother’s powder room (yes, because the powder room sounds cool. YOLO) Moving on, the see-through display lets you view holographic images (be it the calendar, WhatsApp, your science model of an atomic atom or just the recipe for a cake *welcome to virtual cooking. Health Advice: Avoid stuffing your face with holograms.*) in your world and gives you the ability to move objects, expand them, change them, construct them from scratch or even share them, all this with your hand/voice command.

The traditional hassle of CPUs/GPUs has been overcome by Microsoft as they, in works with other leading technical minds, have developed the HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) with its ability to understand physical gesture and spatially map the world around us for a better, more extraordinary experience; all this without the need of being connected with wires et al. (Hologram Overdose *phew*)

It’s the perfect Holographic landscape merged with reality where scientific fiction is now a scientific fact. So get ready to blend your digital life with your physical life and walk the streets looking like a kickass Robo-cop! Hell Yeah!



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