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Mental health advocate, Tinika Cudjoe, launches inspirational book of poetry titled ‘But God, A Book of Poetry’


Tinika Cudjoe has announced the release of her debut collection, ‘But God, A Book of Poetry’. She was inspired to begin writing after reflecting on her own struggles with mental health, living with purpose, and finding joy. Cudjoe took solace in her faith and the realization that God had provided her with all of the necessary tools to thrive.

‘But God, A Book of Poetry’ explores darker themes like depression and suicide in an honest, healthy way. Cudjoe handles deeply emotional topics with sensitivity and grace. Her work highlights the importance of staying strong and believing in God’s plan during times of trial. She believes that her poetry will show others that it’s possible to persevere and grow at all stages of our lives. 

Although readers of any background will appreciate Cudjoe’s lyrical language and unorthodox style, she believes that those in the religious and mental health communities will find particular value in her work. Cudjoe drew upon her own personal experiences to imbue ‘But God, A Book of Poetry’ with genuineness, beauty, and light. Her relatable poems are sure to resonate with a broad range of people from all backgrounds. Reviewers describe ‘But God, A Book of Poetry’ as “amazing” and “so inspirational.”

Cudjoe hopes that her work will normalize discussions of mental health in order to promote healing and acceptance. She notes that praying is only one aspect of moving on from trauma. There is hard work to be done on the long road to acceptance and fulfillment. By discussing her own journey, Cudjoe shows that creating a more positive life is possible through dedication, love, and forgiveness. She encourages readers to leave behind what happened yesterday instead of carrying it into a new day. 

Tinika Cudjoe is a 25-year-old author, mother, and survivor. She is a proud mental health advocate. Her first book, ‘But God, A Book of Poetry’, is available for purchase on and all other major retailers.

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