Gatoes, a grocery delivery startup based in Kashmir, came as a blessing in disguise for the city as it continues to struggle with terrorism, poor internet connectivity, and cultural and political instability. 

Continue reading to know how it is helping the people of the valley and making daily chores much easier for a city stranded away from basic facilities. 

What The Startup Is About?

Gatoes, founded by Jibran Gulzar, Danish Majeed and Mufti Murtaza, is bridging the gap between grocery vendors and customers by using innovative technology. The customers can download their application and order food from nearby restaurants and vendors, who deliver the order right at their doorsteps. 

Founders of Gatoes, a startup in Kashmir

They were supposed to begin early on the startup, however, due to no internet services in Kashmir, everything got delayed. 

The co-founder of the company, Jibran Gulzar, states, “We believe it is only we who can bring change as far as our people are concerned. People pay and they need the best services.

Everyone now needs special services. Sophisticated and dignified lifestyle with facilities available and Gatoes ensures that we bring it to the doorsteps of the people.”

They are trying to bring a change in society by bringing such startups to the valley to make things easier for the residents of Kashmir. 

How Does It Work? 

The customers can order food from any nook and corner of the valley. Once the app is installed on your phone, you have to put your address and you get notified about all the restaurants and shops near you. Now, the choice is yours regarding where you wish to order and, the option of takeaway is also available. 

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The app also filters results based on your choice of cuisine, the name of the restaurant or shop, or any item from the menu. You can also go through reviews before ordering something. Interestingly, they also have coupons and special deals going around. In case of an inquiry, you can also contact their 24/7 care service. 

Let’s Take A Look At Their Progress

Aiman Amir, city manager of Gatoes said, Gatoes is considered to be one of the fastest-growing food and grocery delivery firms in Srinagar and the biggest startups of the Jammu and Kashmir with 900+ merchant partners.”

They began in March 2020, and went public in June 2020 and just after seven months of their inception, the company raised a turnover of a million dollars! 

Chief Operating Officer of Gatoes said, We have overcome many challenges – from political, to infrastructure-related issues like internet and technology adoption. And exclusively because of our customer-centric approach, we scaled beyond Kashmir in less than 6 months, clocking over a million dollars in revenue.” 

Gatoes delivery boy delivering grocery in Kashmir

They have also employed more than 200 people from youth and helped them in coming out of the financial crisis that came along with the Coronavirus pandemic. They are the first such startup from Kashmir which has expanded in cities like Chandigarh, Anantnag and Faridabad. 

Jibran states, “The firm has achieved more than expected. “We started from Srinagar, expanded it to Anantnag and then Faridabad. Without any huge advertising, people in Faridabad welcomed us.” 

Now they aim to hire around 5000 people from Kashmir to do deliveries and also wish to expand to other states, especially Southern India. 

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Sources: The New Indian Express, Gatoes, Greater Kashmir

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