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Meet the entrepreneur Changing the lives of many, The Beautiful Olivia Jones


Credit is defined as an agreement which is contractual whereby the borrower receives something of value and agrees to repay the lender at a later date usually with interest. That said a good credit score is essential in getting one a loan.

Credit scores range from a poor score of 300 to an excellent score of 850. Having a high credit score can help save thousands of dollars over the life of your auto loan, credit card and even mortgage. Jones Credit Repair come in handy to help their clients achieve a higher credit score.

Jones credit repair first take an in depth look at your credit, clean up your past and work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to dispute the negative report items that have affected your credit score. They give you easy access to your accounts for life updated on any improvement made on your credit reports and scores. In addition, they will maximize your score to enable you achieve your goals and as well learn how to maintain your excellent credit even after their work is done.

So far Jones Credit Repair have been successful at removing late payments, charge offs, bankruptcy, medical bills, collections, foreclosures, student loans, tax lies, inquiries, credit errors just to mention a few. So as to get the most out of life it is essential to establish good credit. Sign up and get a free credit consultation, free in-depth credit analysis as well as free credit recommendations. Get your dreams up and running.

She also has appointments available for Tax consultation, Business Consultation and More. We highly recommend Olivia Jones.

Jones Credit Repair

401 N Michigan Suite 1201

Chicago, IL 60611

(708) 996-0243

Website :

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