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Meet talented Sound Engineer Patrizio Pigliapoco aka Teezio, who has won many a hearts with his rhythms and melodies which are hard to resist


Teezio has spent a couple of decades in the music industry and has created a strong foothold with his boundless and expansive work.

Los Angeles based Teezio has been around the music scene since 2000s, and has a wide body of work behind him. He has had the opportunity to work as a producer and engineer with many established artists like Young Thug, Justin Bieber, Gunna, Nicki Minaj, and Busta Rhymes. He has major expertise in the hip-hop genre since past few decades. 

Teezio’s tryst with music started long back, when he was young and ready to go. His interest towards sounds and music was recognized early in his life when he was drawn towards playing the base, which exhibited his in built talent towards rhythms and melodies. Given his talent and his apt ear for music, he was soon enrolled at the Los Angeles Recording School, whose attendees have worked with the best artists known to music industry like Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and Bruno Mars. While undergoing his training at the Los Angeles Recording School, Teezio, worked with Juicy J as his recording engineer, which landed him a few more assignments with other artists. He was just 18, when he had the opportunity to start with Three 6 Mafia. Teezio was the hand behind Juicy J’s early releases like Blue Dream & Lean 2 which became a rage when it debuted. Since that time, he has produced innumerable hits with known hip-hop and R & B artists.

Presently, at age 30, Teezio has almost conquered the music arena with his impeccable work. His partnership with Chris Brown has hit the records big time, with his latest collaborated release Go Crazy, featuring Chris Brown and Young Thug, becoming a RIAA certified platinum record, and also sweeping the online world by getting viral, by featuring in a dance challenge by Fox Meteorologist Nick Kosir and actor Mufasa@CousinSkeether on Instagram. His song mixed with Bainz, exhibits the class and quality that can be produced only by an eminent music engineer. 

Teezio, today is on the top of the game, with many world class artists vying for his attention and is bound to remain the favourite and exclusive sound engineer of world’s top-notch artists. 

Follow Teezio on his Instagram handle @Teezio to stay updated on his latest releases and projects.

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