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Every game has its own story, and our duty as players is to take up roles and fight towards the game’s goal. Among Us has broken the record today, by overtaking even PUBG (owing to the recent ban of the app, of course) and becoming the most downloaded game in India.

Among Us is a murder mystery game, which takes place in a spaceship above the earth. Players are part of the crew. However, beware! Some of the members of the crew are ‘imposters’, who sabotage tasks and kill the other players while the latter complete their tasks.

The imposter kills crew members, after which emergency meetings are held. In Spyfall, such meetings are held after every round

The goal is to observe dead members of the crew, analyse the activities of your fellow players and hold “emergency meetings” where you can engage in a conversation to decide who the imposters might be.

Spyfall’s goal isn’t that different from the goal of Among Us. Instead of finding out who the imposter is, you have to find out who the spy is!

Spyfall is not as complicated and exciting as Among Us, however, it is much more socially interactive. It makes up for an amazing icebreaker session because the players are expected to play it over a video conference with friends.

Once you open the link, This is the homepage of the game

Spyfall Gameplay

Spyfall is an online and real-time game. The game begins when everyone joins a common link sent by the host. Ideally, everyone is expected to be on a video call for a much more hilarious and fun experience.

Both the games begin with the players in the common room

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As soon as the game begins, everyone in the game is given a specific location. Everyone but the spy! The location is a little secret that the players in the game share, but nobody will be aware of the person (the spy) who does not know the location. The person who is the spy is told by the game that they are one.

One member of the team is a spy and the team has to figure out who that is

People ask each other questions specifically pertaining to the location. Others are supposed to give answers that don’t reveal too much for the spy to identify the location but not anything vague to lend yourself to suspicion of being the spy.

For instance, if you’re in a resort, you may ask –

“Do you see palm trees around you?”

These are the locations available in the game. The spy and other team members can refer to these to ask questions

It’s hilarious to watch the spy struggle and after each round, players discuss as to who the spy could be. If the location is a resort, imagine the ridiculousness if the spy ends up asking the question –

“Is everyone studying in this location?”

The game gives you suggestive questions as well

The game is much simpler, and also elicits more social interaction with your friends. You could jog down memories and create new ones. You could tune into some music in the background or have a virtual party over the game. The choice is yours!

Extra perks: You can save your storage space on the phone as the game is directly available online!

Click here for the link to the game. Go ahead and play it now!

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Sources: Spyfall, Inside Sport

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