Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 4: Soulbynj is a homegrown brand owned by a young and energetic woman entrepreneur, Nimisha Jain. To gather an ample amount of experience in business, she worked with her husband in the family business for a year. 

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, when most of the youth were busy watching web series on OTT platforms, Nimisha enrolled herself in a course related to skin-care products. Immediately after learning the process of making skin-care products, she carefully started eliminating the ingredients, which caused indirect harm to the skin. After a few months of research and experimentation, she started her store, “Soulbynj,” on Instagram.

She was determined to use only natural and derivatives of natural ingredients while making beauty and skin-care products. The list of ingredients includes carrier oils, essential oils, and various kinds of butter.

Using 100% natural ingredients, Nimisha also took the idea of personalization a little ahead and started making products as per the requirement of her clients in accordance with their skin type. 

Her main reason behind making personalized skin-care products is to promote body positivity. Upon asking one of her clients regarding her skin-care products, “I have never got in touch with a skin-care brand which made me feel the way, Soulbynj did.” – was their reply.

While maintaining quality and personalization, Soulbynj also believes in transparency. In the start, the company had only four different product lines, but within a year, due to Nimisha’s hard work and persistent focus on quality, it has multiped more than twice and now has ten different product lines. 

The shocking fact is that she, in the journey of making ten different product lines, has learned how to make 100 different types of products. She is a one-woman army and handles everything, starting from the procurement of raw materials to delivery of the product and collecting unforgettable feedbacks from customers.

Her product-making process follows all the hygiene rules and helps individuals maintain their beautiful skin while transforming it into a flawless one. 

Along with face wash and scrubs, she also makes soaps, Masks, Gels, Serums, Lip care products, different types of Body butter, and a wide range of hair care products. 

Among all the products, Soulbynj is well-known for its specialty in hair butter and hair oil, kumkumadi combo set, lip scrub, lip balm, and 24k gold serum. 

In her hair butter products, she uses ten different herbs, including Amla, Reeta, neem, Bringhraj, Hibiscus extracts, various carrier and essential oils, and different kinds of butter. 

With the right combination of all these ingredients, your hair will get all the nutrients required for the nourishment of your hair and also treats several hair problems. 

Her products are saviors for those who have lost their faith in well-marketed corporate brands. Her skin-care products carry an unforgettable fragrance. The hair butter made by Soulbynj is one of the best organic products present in the market. 

The customers often ask for a monthly membership for her skin products. She is thinking of doing the same. Beauty products of her brand refresh the skin, giving shimmering results. The brand aims to be a final destination for your skin and hair care products. 



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