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Meet Meharyar Khan, rising high with his talent and skills as an Instagram growth expert & content creator from Pakistan


This youngster is all about his grit and passion to take over the online world with his unique and engaging content with his Instagram page ‘Jokeshub’.

It is very surreal to know about people, especially youngsters who have been showing great talent and astute skills to take over any business industry. The abilities and capabilities they showcase in their areas of interest is something which has been behind the exponential rise of these industries. The social media world is a world of its own and in such a dynamic industry, more and more youngsters are stepping foot to leverage the resources available and create something of their own, which they can feel proud about and which can change the dynamics of the industry for the better. One such highly talented young Instagram growth expert and content creator, whose follower base is mostly from the western countries is Meharyar Khan from Pakistan.

Meharyar Khan, in a very short period of time, has turned into a famous online personality with gaining great momentum for his Instagram page called ‘Jokeshub’ with a raining follower base, mostly western. This youngster started with Instagram when it was not even known amongst many in Pakistan. He thought of utilizing this amazing medium in 2012 and since then has never looked back. Meharyar Khan created his page on Instagram and posted comical and hilarious content. Gradually, his hard work started paying off and many people started following his page, which included engaging and creative content.

Meharyar Khan always worked with the aim to reach people all across the world and comics was something that garnered maximum attention from the audiences back then when Instagram was new. Hence, he collaborated with US-based comic makers, which slowly started giving him the audience, majorly from the US that he needed for his account to grow. In no time, the youngster gained over 100k followers, which allowed his Instagram page to rank amongst the top, much ahead of other Pakistani celebrities as well.

However, what has kept Meharyar Khan still amongst the top is his ability to keep up with the ever-changing social media world trends. After the craze for comics died, he quickly turned towards meme and quote pages and this led to the initiation of his current page ‘Jokeshub’. Jokeshub is considered to be one of the most followed pages on Instagram, thanks to the relentless hard work and consistency of Meharyar Khan which has kept him ahead of many in this niche.

As a content creator, some of his posts even got deleted due to Instagram’s stricter rules and policies as they were considered offensive. Meharyar Khan is amongst those young social media entrepreneurs and content creators who believe in offering something to their audience each day and making content so engaging and entertaining that people feel compelled to follow their pages. The youngster also has a backup page called @yawning, which has a growing number of over 400K followers.

Truly, Meharyar Khan has made every possible effort to provide entertainment to people and in this quest has gone ahead many in the business.

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