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Meet Lavish, the modern, multi-talented business personality the world needs to know about


Lavish is well rounded individual who is not merely a musician but also specializes in FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market) as well as Crypto trading and brand marketing.

It is said that talent is something which cannot stay hidden for long. Talent is something which allows individuals to achieve their goals and encourage personal growth within their fields when properly applied. Many young individuals have shown their talents and capabilities through various methods of application and self-promotion. Lavish is one of many emerging entrepreneurs the world is only beginning to identify. Lavish, who fittingly has been known to live lavishly, supports the youth of society achieve this same goal by providing positive impacts and support through his company, Liv Lavish LLC, based in the United States.

Lavish, born in 1996 was raised in Queens, New York until age 14 where he then relocated to Miami, Florida. As an adolescent he was provided many opportunities for education within in the realm of business. He began working at a movie theater in South Beach, Florida which was his first steps into the working world. As a young adult he studied in the TCC/FSU program at Tallahassee but later dropped out. His absence provided him the clarity that lead him to seek a career of entrepreneurial projects which solidified his determination for personal success.

Though Lavish excelled in the world of business, his passion for music did not diminish. His love for musical components stimulated his career into a musician. As a musician, his talents allowed him to earn money with the help of streaming his music and collecting royalties. His skills in the musical world also transitioned into the world of business.

In addition to music, his career in the field of FOREX and Cryptocurrency also took off, while simultaneously becoming a brand marketer. These wide ranges of talent successfully displayed his skills and financial insight in the trading world as well as growing financial markets. Through this career evolution, it guaranteed his entrance into becoming a businessman of a marketing company that supports his lifestyle perfectly.

Lavish, even at young age rejected the idea of a standard working environment that required the 9-5 lifestyle. As he began investing into a future of entrepreneurialism, he realized this was the key to a work environment that provided more freedom. His engagement in the world of entrepreneurship offered an outlet that was able to secure an increase in financial gain as well as the freedom to travel the world without potentially missing opportunities to create additional income.

Liv Lavish LLC, originated in Florida but now has a name for itself nationally with the aim of having a global reputation. Through his firm, Lavish hopes to create a difference in the lives of individuals by instilling the power of belief and helping them to understand that outside of the standard job structure there is a broad spectrum of opportunities waiting for them in a current digital era. Lavish aims to keep a positive outlook on business endeavors in the sense that they are meant to be shared, he considers the business to belong to all those involved.

Liv Lavish LLC has created an atmosphere that brings like-minded individuals into a creative collective; having so much talent under one roof provides the opportunity to make the impossible, a possibility. Lavish looks forward to becoming involved with other various businesses in the future such as, Miami Yacht Company, Believe Nation, Bombay, Revolt as well as companies which pair with high school students to help them learn how to achieve their goals and direct them down the correct path for a successful future.

Lavish has shown to be an extraordinary example of a successful, young, well-rounded entrepreneur who has shown immense talent and passion by following his desires not merely as an artist but as a business oriented individual. To learn more about this talented man, follow him on Instagram @lavishlynasty or his brand @livlavishthebrand.

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