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Meet Faraj Al Omari, an international honorary advisor, Goodwill Ambassador, taking the insurance industry to greater heights of success


He is a man of substance with rich years of experience and lays out a few skills one can ace to get into the insurance industry.

The more we look around ourselves and across the world, the more we find people who are driven by their aim and mission to create a unique place for themselves and create milestones in their areas of interest. All these individuals and professionals are driven by their passion and a strong commitment to take their respective industries to greater heights of success. Many professionals set out on a particular journey to attain all their goals, some may lose hope halfway, but others may find more motivation and courage along the way and make it huge in their own way. Faraj Al Omari is one of those individuals and professionals who has always worked by giving in his best and thus has emerged as one of the most sought-after managers and leaders in the insurance industry.

Through years of experience in the field, he has holds the position of the Deputy General Manager Motor UAE at Al Sagr National Insurance Company (ASNIC), based in the UAE. He has had a rich experience of working in the industry and has exhibited skills in negotiation, Reinsurance, Self-confidence, Health Insurance and Bancassurance.

Below are some of the important skills that he thinks can help other budding professionals in the insurance industry.

  • Customer service: Insurance companies’ main focus must always be providing the best customer service to clients. Professionals, be it broker, manager, loss adjuster, or anyone else also must work towards this vision of the company with providing excellent customer service and unique insurance solutions.
  • Problem-solving: Faraj Al Omari believes that a skilled professional and manager is the one who knows how to lead towards a solution, no matter what the problem or issue is. Managers need to come up with creative solutions and cater to even the unusual insurance needs of clients.
  • Good communication: When one works in the insurance sector, the professional dealing with the client is an expert as the client may have the least knowledge about the terms and other information. Hence, Faraj Al Omari explains that one must be a strong communicator to explain key information in a simple and jargon-free way.
  • Attention to detail: Faraj Al Omari highlights that managers and professionals in the ever-growing sector of insurance must have the ability to focus on all aspects of dealing with clients and have attention to detail which can save them from making errors.

The International Organization of Economic and Social Observer at the United Nations last year announced Chancellor Mr Faraj Mohd Al-Omari’s delegation as the International Honorary Adviser and Goodwill Ambassador for administering and fulfilling measures to achieve the goals of calling for the eradication and containment of poverty and malnutrition worldwide. Also, Faraj Al Omari is giving in his best to implement new policies in line with the latest international standards and practices for fulfilling the cause.

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