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Influencer Maximilian Herd is a reference in the digital sector


The famous influencer Maximilian Herd is a reference in the marketing world in Europe. His work goes far beyond being the managing director of Reachhunter and a digital influencer. Good numbers are the references of the great entrepreneur and influencer Maximilian Herd who achieved sales of up to € 200,000 per month in his business.

On the internet, Maximilian Herd inspires many with his social media profile and is proud to give lectures at universities to pass on his knowledge to others and is thrilled to remember his trajectory. The influencer is successful on social media and has 282,000 followers on Instagram

“One of the most successful content creators in Germany at that time was selected for the BMWi campaign in France. On one occasion, Germany won. Two influencers competed with each other and the competitions took place. And many pictures were taken with the new BMWi8. In the end, the popular vote decided who would be champion ”, recalls the professional, who remembers how he started his business.

“I had the idea to start my own business because I wanted to reach more people. I am a very ambitious and motivated person. I love sports, I am very determined, flexible and open-minded. Human ”, says Maximilian Herd, who ends with a message for anyone who wants to use his methods and win in life.

“Never give up, set goals, connect with people like you Are interested and open to news! Be effective and above all motivating! I show people a way to achieve their goals and how to succeed with them,” says Maximilian Herd.

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