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Meet Cristhofer Munoz – The serial entrepreneur of the moment who is diligently working towards the upliftment of the minority communities


Cristhofer has taken up the task of empowering minorities with his various initiatives which are targeted to inspire and motivate them substantially.

Minorities in the United States of America have been facing the heat since ages, with unemployment and crime most prevalent amongst them. Many of them, in the past have tried to turn the tables, trying to bring them out of the vicious circle, but have not succeeded. Cristhofer Munoz has vowed to change the situation and make a better position for the community through his work. Cristhofer Munoz is 100% committed to be the voice of his community.

Cristhofer Munoz hails from the Dominican Republic, and has himself gone through the grind to reach where he is today. He has made his way from a humble past to become a Cyber security Program Manager at Microsoft at present. “Coming from a modest single parent family background where arranging for two square meals was a gargantuan task, I have grown up in a neighborhood where kids didn’t get proper nutrition required for growth, neither did they get proper education or right guidance, above all this the biggest challenge I faced in my life during my growing years was the surroundings which were the most unfavorable if one wanted to head a decent and dignified life.” says  Cristhofer. In spite of all these setbacks, Cristhofer Munoz tided through troubled waters, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Cyber security and Information Assurance and went on to work with one the largest tech company in the world.

Cristhofer Munoz’s  goal is to put underrepresented communities on a pedestal and see them make their mark in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math which have been majorly headed by natives since ages. He holds various programs to teach members about the advantages of investing. His mentorship programs are aimed at mentoring minorities who come from under privileged backgrounds and guide them towards the right path. He provides services like credit repair, stock investments and digital marketing to help people take charge of their life the right way for a better future. He manages a trading group named ‘Bread and Butter trades’, which aims at providing stocks and investment training to fellow community members for consistent profits.  Cristhofer Munoz strongly feels that the minorities don’t thrive in America due to lack of proper guidance and resources and his teachings are targeted to impart the right knowledge of earning through proper channels and get them out of the troubled image they have been in since generations. Cristhofer Munoz is also the author of several books ‘The Golden Playbook: Stocks Fundamental’, and ‘Do it yourself Credit Repair. His books substantially educate individuals on taking ownership of their financial future.

Cristhofer also has plans to partner with major multinational corporations in coming times. He wants to be the change, create an impact through his initiatives, and the way he is heading with a fast pace, he is definitely short of just a few miles before he achieves his goals.


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