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Meet Alex Lee, taking over the marketing and sales industry with his company ‘Paxton Energy’


Through his grit, passion, and the pursuit to make it huge in his career, Alex Lee has taken his company to exponential levels of success.

It is very surreal to know about all those individuals who set out on a set journey in their life, work towards it relentlessly and make it huge in their areas of interest. However, more interesting and exciting journeys and success stories are those that go with the flow in life and make every possible effort to utilize all the opportunities that come by their way, achieving massive momentum in their career. Similar is the story of one such young entrepreneur named Alex Lee, who has created a lot of buzz with his sales and marketing firm called Paxton Energy that is all about helping homeowners reduce their cost of living and save on their monthly utility bills, promoting renewable energy.

Alex Lee hails from Incheon, South Korea and immigrated to Los Angeles in 2001. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley and had one goal in mind coming from an immigrant Asian family, and that was to go to a good school. He excelled early on in school, but in high school lost interest. However, he knew he was inclined towards becoming a businessman from an early age and so kept pushing himself and thought that school was the only way. Later he took admission in a community college and joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve to assist in paying for his school. By the age of 19, he left for Bootcamp and somewhere even regretted thinking that he should’ve continued going to college.

However, years after Alex Lee’s unit had been selected to go to Okinawa, Japan for a year, he decided to drop out of school and left for Japan the next month. At the age of 23, using the VA loan’s benefit, Alex Lee even bought his first property. The youngster soon started his next chapter in life where instead of going a job, for his quest to become a businessman, he entered the entrepreneurial world and did door-to-door solar panel sales. However, he did not make any sales or profits in the beginning, and he began to feel the pressure of trying to pay a mortgage and all of life’s expenses without having any income.

Instead of losing hope, Alex Lee put in his consistent efforts and whilst in the sixth week, got his first sale and since then has never looked back. This upped his confidence to start his sales and marketing company in the form of Paxton Energy, which he named after his dog. With the inception of his firm, Alex Lee partnered with contractors to push not only solar but all home improvements. They work like a robust team that brings in assets to the table to strengthen them as a whole. 

After many doors shut on his face and the many other hurdles that Alex Lee faced in his life; here he was with his company, finally getting an office. Amidst the Covid situation, the youngster also learned how to adapt and be resilient during such trying times and keep moving ahead. Paxton Energy, under Alex Lee’s leadership, works in solar marketing and sales. It educates each client on the benefits of what they offer. They use a different approach for clients and first educate them to switch over to renewable energy to power their homes. This has allowed Alex Lee and Paxton Energy to build trust and a relationship with each client, allowing them to grow further organically from good word of mouth.

Through many trials and errors in life, Alex Lee always followed what his heart sought and today has become an influential and successful entrepreneur with his company. To know more, follow him on Instagram



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  1. What a bunch of BS. Did he write this himself? Two of his goons just knocked on our door, spewing lies and pre-written, ineffective sales “pitches.” Maybe he should not have given up on school so many times. Did he ever make more than one sale? Article jumps from that to “moving into a building.”


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