If you asked me to change one and ONLY ONE thing about how people dressed, I’d ban ripped jeans from the face of this earth. Forever and after. Ripped jeans are one fashion fad that needs to go out of style.


No, I am not a jealous wannabe who hasn’t discovered how fabulous ripped jeans can make anyone feel. I have tried some at the stores, which unfortunately always turned out to be ill fitting because, duh, I am so short for regular sizes. It looked more like how some dog attacked me on the streets and my clothes still bore scars of that.


And that is exactly how ripped jeans look on most people – like they have been mauled by someone and are trying terribly hard to look like a rebel. Why is almost everyone always wearing a wrong fit?

ripped jeans
If she was going for a manufactured-lazy-tasteless-hobo look, Kim’s nailing those ripped jeans.

Before I continue this rant, I will acknowledge that almost 2% people can totally rock that ‘grunge’ appeal.

That’s the point that irks me – do you guys know that there is some cultural significance behind the popularity of ripped jeans?

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Look that up and you’ll find too many musical idols from 70s rock and 90s grunge competing for your attention. But what is interesting is that the ripping was initially incidental; Iggy Pop confesses that his ripped jeans were a result of stressing out his denim during his stage shows. People claim that the origins can be found simply with the 70s underprivileged who had no options but wear their distressed pants.

What I find interesting to note is that ripped jeans definitely came up with the 80s bohemian cults when a section of angst-ridden young adults wore their rebellion on their skins. The rips in the jeans were symbolic of the rupturing the system and taking creative ownership of their own clothes.

ripped jeans
When looking mauled looks pretty cute.

This whole creative ownership shebang sounds totally out there though.

Although, I will make a turncoat point – I love the entire narrative about choosing what you want to wear. Which is counterintuitive because I am complaining about why people are wearing what they love.

Pants are tricky to carry, it is important to get the size and fit right. And the universal problem with ripped jeans is that they are always leaning towards the wrong. The rips are too high, too low or too everywhere!

It’s like wearing sheer shirts to work, it matters how you are sporting it rather than anything else.

ripped jeans.
Just NO for me. Ripped jeans R.I.P.

Okay, forget about this crazy internet lady. Bust out that pair of ripped jeans. Who cares about the history, style is all about feeling great in your skin. For which, I suggest, next time you are purchasing pants please check how you look twice before you shell out double the cash for an identical non-distressed pair.

I beg of you.

Even GQ condescendingly gives a score of how many classy rips should be allowed on jeans – 2.5, believe it. Because at the end of the day, only Kendall Jenner can wearing tramp pants and look hot.

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