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Marketingback: A Digital Agency that Understands Influencer Marketing


The rise of the Internet has ushered in a new era of digitalization, creating a vast range of ripe opportunities for marketing, advertising and branding. Social media channels, in particular, have experienced exponential growth. Through channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, marketers, influencers and content creators produce countless images, videos and posts regarding their experiences, opinions and thoughts.

Brands and companies are increasingly recognising the immense potential when it comes to influencer marketing. Originally, this niche of marketing was restricted to a relatively narrow pool of celebrities, television personalities or particularly well-known bloggers. Even if the chosen influencer wasn’t necessarily connected to the product or service, they would be paid to endorse, advertise and market it.

In more recent years, however, the definition of what constitutes an ‘influencer’ has undergone considerable change. There are literally millions of content creators representing a diverse and versatile range of interests and topics. Brands and companies looking for marketing opportunities are now presented with much more choice on who they should select to represent them. With so many options available to them, they now have to choose the influencers they believe are more suited to the image, ethos and philosophy of their brand.

Marketingback is a leading international digital agency founded by Andy Conrad. This innovative company is at the forefront of developments in the fields of E-commerce, social media and business. Specializing in PPC and Social Media, Marketingback is the digital agency of choice for businesses, brands and start ups, providing digital advertising, website design, email marketing as well as influencer marketing.

Television advertisements, billboards and traditional commercials are relics of an old era and are becoming increasingly obsolete. The potential customers of any type of brand consume the majority of their digital content whilst they are scrolling through these social media feeds.

There is no question about it – Influencer Marketing is the way forward when it comes to advertising and marketing. Social media influencers have followings of thousands, tens of thousands and millions of dedicated and loyal audiences. In order to boost their own online presence, these followers are extremely active on their pages and interact with their followers on a regular basis.

Through social media, followers are connected with influencers on an incredibly personal and immediate basis. As a result, their followers trust and value any endorsements, recommendations and suggestions made by the influencers they follow. Through creating impression videos, providing affiliate links or even tagging a brand’s own social media pages, an influencer can guide the purchasing decisions of millions of potential consumers. 

Marketingback is a leading digital agency, and is committed to establishing meaningful and profound collaborations between brands and influencers. Andy Conrad and his team have an in-depth understanding of the power of social media, content creation as well as the most effective ways to leverage the impact of an influencer’s role. Companies and brands working with the experienced team behind Marketingback will be equipped with everything they need in order to create long-term and ongoing social media partnerships.

With the advice and guidance of Marketingback, brands can bring their marketing and advertising potential to a higher level of sophistication than ever before, and make the most of the exciting and cutting-edge opportunities enabled by digitalization, social media and content creation.

If you’d like to learn more about Marketingback and Andy Conrad, you can follow him on Instagram or LinkedIn , or head to

Andy Conrad, CEO & Founder at Marketingback

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