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Mark Certified: A Pioneer in the World of Digital Marketing


Entrepreneur, digital marketing guru and certified music addict, Mark has been marketing artists and running campaigns with great success since 2014.

He goes by several names: ‘The Goat,’ ‘Magician’ and ‘Mark Certified.’

He helps several types of influencers: Influencers, musicians, models and athletes

He loves several things: Music, computers, advertising and social media

Yet, he does one thing: Makes the names of promising artists explode

Though born in upstate New York, it was as a teen in Massachusetts that he discovered a passion for music, computers and advertising. Nurturing his digital and tech skills, Mark launched a rap news page on twitter titled ‘Major Leakz.’ In its infancy, This endeavor never directly resulted in any Major opportunities, but it would lay the groundwork for greater opportunities for the marketing guru. While still a student at the New York University, he says; “At that time I drove from concert to concert developing an ear for good sounds and a feel for artists with promise.”

After going through a length development and growth period, Mark Certified was getting the hang of digital marketing. It was certainly worth the effort. A few years after it’s original creation, the once lone-social media account branched out to a full marketing company which influencers, musicians, models and athletes benefited from. He has been the man behind-the-scenes for several marketing campaigns that have had massive impact within the ever-growing world of music & entertainment. Mark Certified has been involved in marketing campaigns for the hottest artists in the industry; OG Maco & Brandon Thomas, Lil Yachty, Jaden Smith and Keith Ape; from California and New York to the MidWest under labels such as Capital Records, Universal Music Group and Interscope Records.

The marketing guru and entrepreneur has been developing the careers of artists for a long time. He has been working with a bevy of up-and-coming artists. His main drive is helping potentia stars maximize their abilities. He is quick to explain; ‘My passion is to blend the science of digital and tech with the art of talent discovery and artist management’

He is currently leading the charge in developing growth methods on all social platforms. Mark Certified is an innovator and guru in the science behind growth on social network platforms and has great knowledge about social media’s algorithmic processes and ways to navigate through their complexity. He is active in talent discovery and music management and set to help artists grow their brands and reach viral audiences through his company ‘Certified Viral.’ The result is a digital marketing service that is increasingly effective in maintaining viral status for any artist or content that is managed by Mark. Proven by the fact that several of his campaigns have seen widespread success, he is one of the most dynamic young talents in the music and entertainment industries. He wields an ear for talent and a keen eye for opportunity. Watch out for his latest project, GHOST Creative Management Agency, which is set to link artists with industry executives, promote and develop the careers of talented artists, and broaden the scope of Mark’s, already immense, social platform.

Mark Certified along with his entities “Certified Viral” and “Major Leakz” will continue to provide marketing on a large scale. Mark’s expertise in the new field of digital marketing is a major proponent for his current success in the music industry. Check him out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud and more because Mark is not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

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