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Understanding the Effects of Social Distancing on Consumer and Business Practices


The current pandemic has generated new consumption scenarios in the market with the emerging panic buying practices being followed by many consumers everywhere. In order to maintain solid connections with the audience, the businesses these days are also making efforts to engage with the crisis by playing important role in showing empathy, sponsoring hospital equipment, donating, and helping public authorities to deal with the coronavirus related threats.

Social distancing is making a considerable change in the business pattern, no matter what type of business it is. The pandemic has brought in a number of safe practices, which, however, is disrupting consumers and business practices. The companies as well as the consumers are made to develop resilient coping mechanisms in order to tackle and be a part of vulnerable situations. They are also made to reinvent themselves in the ways of their individual and collective well-being. 

How Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives and business practices?

COVID-19 pandemic has laid down a significant change in the lives of individuals, be it the young group, adults, or the elderly people. Important activities, such as exams and other such events have either been annulled or postponed. Universities, schools, and institutions have been closed and till now, there is no information on their opening practices. These major ways are restricting the practice of going and socializing with friends and wider family. Following the usual healthy practices and social distancing norms, living under these circumstances can prove to be difficult for especially consumers and business practitioners keeping in mind their social, financial, and mental wellbeing.

In such a time when the entire world has come to a halt when almost everybody is made to stay at home limiting physical interactions in order to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, our business styles, and consumption behaviors are undergoing a huge shift as well. Many stores are using durable social distancing signs to help people maintain generous isolation. This change, although seems new and temporary, will certainly continue to shape the economy even after we gather a substantial understanding of the ways of managing it effectively. This era of social distancing is not only the inflection point for consumer habits but also a driving force for the business establishments to innovate their operational prototypes as per the altered consumer preferences.

Online undertaking over physical 

The physical movements have been restricted around the world to control the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, most of the people these days are placing orders online. Given the present situation, major business organizations have undertaken an e-commerce platform. Online stores have observed a spike in the number of orders. From daily grocery items to luxury goods, people have relied on online stores.

Even in recreational activities, a higher level of digital media consumption has replaced physical movement. The web-based platforms are following advanced tactics to attract people while providing easy access to essential goods, and other high involvement items such as electronics and home essentials. People can even buy recreational products online and ensure fast delivery at their doorstep without requiring to visit the local markets time and again.

Innovation is the New Business Mantra

A considerable shift in the buyer’s behavior is also motivating business organizations to follow technological advancements to modify their operation models. Online platforms are taken over by corporate institutions providing more flexible work-from-home policies. These methods will further result in downsizing office spaces, employing their employees to adopt off-roll specialized services instead of employing a fresher or a freelancer.

Moreover, the investment level has focused on growth and progress for years, which will now pivot to a mind-set of sustainable growth. The new entrepreneurs are now considering hygiene, safety ad consistency to employees as their top priority. These practices can further help them attract better talent, whether in the form of freelancers or virtual assistants. Many big organizations are now allowing their employees to work remotely as much as possible.

The Only Physical Touch is the Delivery

The pandemic has proved the importance and necessity of the digital and e-commerce sectors. This has also thrown light on the fact that even the post-pandemic world will continue witnessing consistent digital growth and the e-commerce sectors will gain profitable growth. According to the studies, the Indian delivery market is progressing at a CAGR of approximately 10%. In a world where human interactions will continue to remain limited, where consumers refrain from traditional marketplaces, a demand for doorstep deliveries is observed.

Consumers have always had the tendency to rely on end-to-end brand experience. However, from this time onwards, business sectors will focus more on improved delivery services and vendors, providing an assured at-the-door experience, considering the increased and absolute hygiene needs. 

This particular era of social distancing will uphold delivery facilities to the forefront. This will also enable the business sectors to scale up to an ethical and sustainable level. At the same time, businesses and other organizations need to follow awareness channels for ensuring the complete safety of employees, clients, and consumers at their premises. Social distancing signs can be a great solution to maintain adequate functionality without worrying about virus contraction. Businesses can install visually informative signs at different parts of the office, especially in the mess, cafeteria, toilets, and other common areas. It can ensure enhanced safety for the employees while building a solid reputation for your business in the market. 

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