On March 22, 2020, all the Indians confined their boundaries to their houses, in the wake of the commencement of Janta Curfew by the hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

The same day, a Delhi- based guy named Aayush Arora decided to step out on the streets of South Delhi to record the aftermath of the curfew. Unfortunately, when the entire nation was sitting at home in unity, Aayush had to face an atrocious act of robbery.

At 2:30 pm, Aayush walked around 500 meters away from his house in Chittaranjan Park along with his Sony a7iii camera to take shots of the silent, locked-down city.

When he was attempting to shoot, he realized that he was getting followed. So, to be on the safe side, he rode his scooty towards the main road. On the midway, at the flyover, two bike riders stopped him, followed by a threat to shoot otherwise.

In the heat of the moment, Aayush ran towards Savitri Complex, Greater Kailash-2 to reach the check-post. To his utter shock, he didn’t find a single policeman there. All this while, he was trying to make an emergency call to the police but somehow, he couldn’t.

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He threw the camera inside a fenced colony of Greater Kailash-2, B-block lane. One of the two bikers went inside the colony to get the camera whereas Aayush ran to get some help on the deserted road of South Delhi.

After a few minutes, a man stopped his scooty to offer Aayush help. They both tried to run towards the fenced colony, but the robber was seen coming out with the camera in his hand. He pointed the gun at Aayush’s head, snatched the keys from the other guy and left with his partner in a blink of an eye.

To the sheer disappointment of Aayush, police arrived only after 15 minutes of the incident. Even then, he struggled for half an hour to get an FIR reported with all the details as police weren’t ready to lodge a case of the robber in the first place and then to mention a gun in the FIR.

Clearly evident from Aayush Arora’s case, it raises a question on the safety of Indian roads amid the lockdown of the country. The deserted lanes of the nation were intended to ensure good health of the people but seemed like; some fraudsters are looking at this as an opportunity to finish off their tasks.

When we reached out to Aayush, he informed that when police denied the availability of CCTV footage, he, along with a policeman, managed to get it from a shop at the crime area. He also stated that if police intervene more seriously, the robbers can be caught. Since the robbers were not wearing helmets or masks, there are enough shreds of evidence to find them.

While it is essential to stay home to flatten the curve of the pandemic, those who are stepping out with a purpose should feel safe. Hopes are strong to get support from the peacemakers of the society.

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