Isheeka Khera is a well established makeup artist who is a favorite among many celebrities. She is the founder of Salon De Royal, Bahadurgarh and is an internationally certified Bridal stylist, Skincare Educator, Beauty Influencer and Salon Business Strategist. Isheeka started entrepreneurship at the age of 19 when she started a club for Recreation activities named “Be Indians” in Florida, USA.
She was inspired to learn the art of beauty when she moved to US back in 2008. She remembers how she was amazed by the dressing up of women there. After realizing that make-up is a part of lifestyle which can boost a person’s confidence she started getting inclined towards the beauty industry.
Her dedication towards her art recently got her featured in PKG lifestyle Top 50 Personalities magazine. Her name was added to the list of top 50 personalities including Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and Sapna Chaudhary.


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