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Madison Rose, a determined young actor who chose to follow her passion


Madison Rose Wells also known as Madison Rose Jade hails from Tahoe City, California. She is 23 and is passionate for acting. She did her graduation from Santa Barbara. Soon after completing her graduation, she moved to LA to pursue acting and modelling. Rose says she moved back to Tahoe city in May of 2020 to avoid being in LA during the pandemic. Rose looks forward to moving to LA in March 2021 again.

She has been acting since she was a kid. “I remember doing Missoula children’s theatre every time they came to my school as well as the local theatre programs starting at the age of 6 and in middle school, my dad would drive me an hour to Reno Nevada so I could do modelling classes.”

She chose to do a psychology major and minored in theatre as she loved acting. As she wanted to make acting her full-time career, she applied to a performing arts college in Los Angeles. From there Rose started her professional acting career until Covid started. She often does film and TV because that is her passion. She says she would still do a theatre job if given an opportunity.

At present, Rose has an Instagram account with a massive following of 34000 followers. She hopes to grow the account along with her acting career. One of the biggest life-changing moments for Rose was when she was in Santa Barbara at college and she called her mom telling her that she wanted to pursue acting as her career and wanted to move to LA. Her mom then asked her a simple question that changed her life forever. She asked Rose “If you don’t do this will you spend the rest of your life regretting that you didn’t go after that decision?” Though Rose was scared because LA is a big city of almost 3 million people when compared to Tahoe City which is 2000 people, the question from her mom made Rose single-handedly go after my passion.

 “Acting is one of the most competitive jobs in the world and it is 99% rejection and 1% yeses which is exhausting not to mention the crazy hours you spend onset and amount of time spent driving across LA during rush hour to different studios but I wouldn’t change it for the world”, Rose stated. She still does modelling, she says modelling is a form of art and she loves it. “It’s amazing how you can look so different according to angles, different hair and makeup. Similar to how acting lets you be a different person and experience different problems then your normal life, which to most actors is almost therapeutic”, Rose remarked.

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