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LSR MUN 2017 Is Re-Conceptualising The MUN Scene



Lady Shri Ram College has long been recognized as one of the premier institutions of higher learning for women in India. LSR has not only kept pace with the changing world but has been the pioneering spirit behind many innovations in the field of education.

As its annual event, the Public Speaking Society of LSR organizes the LSR Model United Nations Conference, the first edition of which, was held in the year 2008. Keeping in mind the spirit of LSR, the organisers of the conference promote professionalism and qualitative debate, which has always culminated into a successful conference, year after year.

LSRMUN is one of the most eagerly awaited conferences of the year, earning the distinction of being one of its kind in the country. LSRMUN’17 will be hosted at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi on 17th and 18th February 2017.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, at the start of this year, decided to reconceptualise its annual MUN simulation. The conference aims to create an avenue to discuss the different tangents of perhaps the most pressing yet under-analysed issue in the global political domain- climate change.

In the light of a one-dimensional view of climate change, the homogenization over its narrative by the Developed World and the general lack of a nuanced understanding of the subject, the organisers felt an urgent need to bring this issue under the radar of debate and discussion.

Not only is it an attempt to cut across the traditional boundaries of discussion, this edition also tries to revamp the avenues for discussion as well.

LSR MUN 2017

The executive board of the committees of the conference consists of distinguished scholars, academicians and eminent personalities who have worked in the environmental field, along with a moderator from an undergraduate or graduate institution in India.

This provision has been made to ensure more transparency in the judgment process as well as provide everyone with the chance to learn from people experienced in the field under discussion.

This year, LSR looks forward to hosting approximately 20 promising undergraduate and graduate debaters and MUNers from outside the LSR community in one committee.

The downsizing of the committees has been done to shift the focus from quantity to quality within the narrative of successful MUN simulations.

LSRMUN 2017 is not limited to participation from the privileged only, it aims to strengthen the political ideas and viewpoints of the sections of society that go unheard. To do this, the MUN is being conducted in collaboration with two non-governmental organisations- DCWA and Adhyayan.

DCWA (Delhi Commonwealth’s Women Association) is an NGO that aims at fostering cultural and social activities among women from India and other commonwealth countries.

With more than 400 women from across the globe, they work together to build a healthy world for the underprivileged by being a one-stop medical, educational, and vocational centre.

Adhyayan is an NGO whose goal is to provide quality education to underprivileged children and instil them with a sense of leadership and purpose.

We are proud of our collaboration this year with these two NGO’s whose children have been trained to put forward their perspectives and opinions in the MUN format.

Besides this, LSRMUN 2017 also looks forward to encouraging interest and quality deliberation among its own student through the provision of an Intra-College committee that is open to students of LSR from all streams and years.

All committees will be debating different aspects and perspectives of the issue of climate change; including climate refugees, the gender angle of the issue, and the Paris Agreement.

The organizers of LSRMUN look forward to hosting another round of exciting debate and deliberation and extend an invitation to all participants, delegates and others, to join them in questioning, creating answers and helping them bring back brilliance to Model UN conferences.

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