Talented Musician LS Pannu keeps his music keeping it soulful and mesmerizing 

Music is such a field, which demands too much effort and diligence. It has given laurels only to those who have worked hard and got an edge on it. Luckily, there are few people who are known to work wonders in this field and move ahead with great vigour and professionalism. It seems to come up with sheer hard work and sincerity which not all can afford to have as we live in the age of distractions. One of these names include the talented musician and artist – LS Pannu. He is skilled and knows the art of playing with music with utter performance and professionalism.  

His journey in music started when he was a kid. He loved to perform and enjoyed different forms of music. Soon it entered into his blood and veins allowing him to explore them with all the courage and professionalism. Thus, as he turned adult, he was quick to decide to become a professional musician. He is known to create and compose soulful and meaningful music. This helped him to embark on several and a few of these can be easily found on the famous musical platforms like Spotify. As you check the music app, you can find it easily with his name LS Pannu (Luvveer Singh).

The list has a few musical works from the artist which include Turbo, Team, Tax, Ivdia, and Friends. All these are solo ventures of the talented musician and we see him trying things using all his whims and fancies. Thus, if you are wondering what comes next, it is incredible to make all the difference in the musical world. Take time to check his musical compositions found on the above said musical platform and you have nothing but the best to enjoy. This he says is his modest beginning and he has to go a long in this field. 



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