Yaash Gupta Aka YashXDMusic known for his dynamism for making soulful music for US music lovers 

Yash Gupta is more known as YashXDMusic in the music circle. He is a dynamic man when it comes to producing and composing quality music. Having his base in the US at Phoenix in West Chicago, he is known to have a decent amount of listeners on music platforms like Spotify. He is young and all sorts of energy culminates in him. He has emerged as one of the most successful producers and champions in making pop and electronic music. Needless to say that his ability has helped him reinvent the brand in a big way. 

All thanks to his idea of taking the risk of experimenting with music without any fear and issue. His sound remains powerful and undeniable that remains the testimony when it comes to skills and longevity thus proving him a legendary man in giving the best of the narrative even in the coming times. If you look at his credentials over the said music platform, he has monthly listeners of around 13331 and when it comes to the number of followers, we see not less than 2152. His love for music all started way back in the early days and we see many more things happening in his favor. 

His passion for music turned the table for him and he went on to get along with something really interesting and worthy in his life called composition of music. He defines himself to be a music producer along with a programmer and someone called the digital musical content creator. YashXDMusic today has his own brand in music and some of his music pieces include Vop, Eas, Nnn, Bew, and Ccr to name a few. All his music creations have made things work in his chosen direction. Well, for him, this seems to be his start as he has to go a long way in chosen field as he has to go a long way. 



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