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The Love For Shoes


By Kokil Sachdeva


 Girls and shoes have a love affair of their own. A one-sided love of course, for shoes do not have the power to love you back. But, a good pair definitely has the power to speak for you. You can be sexy, charming, witty or shy, just with your shoes. So if a girl loves her pair of Louboutin more than her boyfriend, I won’t call her materialistic. I’ll call her intelligent instead. For no guy in this world can be sexier than a pair of Louboutin.

Shoes, any day, are the foundation of any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. No matter how sexy Gucci dress you fit in or an elegant Sabyasachi saree you drape, a bad choice of shoes can spoil it all. But wear an average outfit and a good pair of shoes is all you need to save your look. Shoes, the so called “need of dressing up” has extensive supernatural effects and I am not exaggerating. It can update an old outfit of yours and can make you feel hotter than hell. It completes your look & saves your day.

Woman tries on High Heels

This shoe obsession of every fashionable girl out there is hard to explain. Because love for shoes is natural. As natural as attraction for opposite sex. It’s all female hormones, you see (And I am not making up facts, it’s proven). Shoes give this immediate good feeling, so the temptation is often given into. Besides, the happiness when your debit card swipes for shoes, cannot be put in words. Shopping for shoes is also comparatively guilt free, than shopping for clothes. For a same pair, can make you look amazingly hot, at more than a single occasion. Shoes are a practical buy, so the pleasurable feeling of shopping stays longer.

This obsession for shoes is the best obsession you can have. That feeling when you look at all your shoes is heavenly. Right from a pair of Puma’s flip flops which you wear to college, to the Nike shoes you wear to gym; From the Vans loafers you purchased for market visits, to the Jimmy Choo for the night parties; from the flat peep toes for kitties, to the skyscraper heels, every shoe is worth falling for.


Apart from all these, shoes not just boost your look; they boost your confidence too. Wear a good, comfortable pair, and you cannot just create a fashion faux pas. Just engrave this simple rule for fashion in mind: You do not have a good choice of shoes, you cannot just give a first good impression. Choose shoes wisely, wiser than you choose your dress, for the shoes talk for you when your lips don’t.

Also, try judging other girls by their shoes, and you won’t fail. For shoes are not smiles or eyes. They won’t deceive you. Ever!

And to conclude it all. When you have to buy something for your feet, why not buy smartly and upgrade every look of yours? Own the best pair of shoes and let them do the talking. For it was a pair of shoes which changed Cinderella’s life. And if it can be her, why not you?




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