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A letter to Mr. Kejriwal



Dear Arvind ji

Well, let me start by congratulating you.  Your sudden claim to fame is seriously surprising. Your “idealistic” though a bit unrealistic plans for the upliftment of the society seem to attract everyone’s attention.

Your ‘supposed-gandhian-behaviour’ seems to make you believe that such attitude will make the government bow to you. But wait, aren’t you the government yourself? Aren’t you supposed to bring justice by being the government? Sorry to say but you aren’t playing your role. How can you justify your ‘dharna’. Accepted that you were fighting for the right cause but you weren’t fighting the right way. The chief minister can’t take to the streets, just to get his demands met. You can’t BLACKMAIL the government by saying that you’d quit if the Lokpal Bill isn’t passed. You clearly are having an identity crisis where you can’t distinguish between your role as a crusader and that of a Chief Minister. How can you expect the government to fulfil your promises when you yourself don’t do that?

Let me just throw light on this matter:

1)      You strongly condemned politics and its participants. Standing the presence of these people felt like a sin, let alone joining politics. But we see you were you are today. In the middle of the politic fiasco. You justified this by stating that nothing can be done without entering this forum. OHKAY, promise no.1 FAIL. You didn’t stand by what you stood for.

2)      You clearly mentioned that you would never want to be the Chief Minister of the state and clearly spoke against such a position. This is confusing now, because you are at that position now.

3)      You clearly mentioned that you wouldn’t come to power in a coalition with the Congress. But it was Congress who saved your sinking ship. HOW CAN YOU BE AGAINST SHEILA DIKSHIT AND THEN FORM A COALITION WITH HER PARTY? This is obnoxious.  And then you go and justify your stand by saying that ‘you weren’t anti-Sheila Dikshit government but the CORRUPTION’. Seriously? Do we look like fools who’ll believe everything you say?

Its not like you haven’t made mistakes. One month is power and you have 6 major blunders to your name starting from your Law Minister, Somnath Bharti’s ‘exuberant’ speeches to Rakhi Birla’s tantrums. Your jest to start a fight for corruption is justifies but the means aren’t.  Your ‘aam aadmi-ness’ is costing the security a lot. What is emerging is the fact that it is cheaper to provide open police security than providing incognito police for the Delhi chief minister. Despite AAP stand and its oft-repeated promise to live like any aam aadmi as envisaged in Kejriwal’s holy book “Swaraj”, the leader himself is under duress to accept Z+ security.

I have just one request, Mr. Kejriwal. Please tackle one problem at a time and solve it methodologically. Don’t flow with the sentiments. Be a leader who we look upto, not someone we regret choosing. Take care, Chief Minister. We need to think with your mind and heart,both.

Yours sincerely

Confused Citizen.


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