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Love is in the air, and you hate it?


By Rajshree Gupta

With couples enjoying every moment of the valentine’s week, singles still wonder what’s wrong with these people. It won’t be annoying if you see people enjoying, giving gifts to each other and getting photographs clicked, but it’s definitely annoying for some if it’s 14th of February. Yeah! For some it’s an “awwwww” thing, so romantic but according to many who aren’t involved in it, it is an unnecessary celebration. They have a valid reason to hate Valentine’s Day that if you love each other, why do you need a particular day to express it? Thus, it is totally futile and impractical for many. But…..

There is a strange kind of beauty associated with Valentine’s Day. The roses in the hands of many people will make you realize that the Valentine’s Week has started, hate it or love it. It’s not only the time to love someone else but to fall in love with you too with so much of love, attention and care.

True-lovers-stand-close-to-each-other-on-sunsetThe importance of Valentine’s Day emerges out from the same point that opposed it, that is, does Valentine’s Day pour extra love in the expression of love. Well, yes, it does! It is a day that honours love, commitment and promises for a life together. When you make a promise on Valentine’s Day or nearby, it gives rise to more attachment and there are high chances, the promise you make won’t be simply a promise, but it will become a commitment. Maybe, because, so many people are celebrating this day simultaneously, therefore, people start feeling something sacred and pious about it and they let their heart go on and on, which doesn’t happen on other days: masses celebrating love!

You can also do an activity: go and ask the people who have serious crush on someone, or may be someone who loves someone secretly about what problem they have? The biggest obstacle in their life would be how to express their love. Agree or not, but Valentine’s Day gives this courage to many. Again, may be, because, so many people around are doing the same. Even the lovers don’t go around expressing what the other person means to them daily, for them also, it’s difficult to let their heart speak and most importantly at the right time (yes, couples also have to see timings for everything). But, when will be the right time? No one is omniscient even if they love truly. So what’s wrong in having a day for this only?

NUPLI136118422871I know it’s a bit peculiar but then, you can’t deny the fact that there is something miraculous about VALETINE’S DAY; otherwise, millions of people cannot go crazy at the same time to wait for this day, spend so much on some other person and still be happy and content. Couples, rock the day and singles, try to enjoy the positivity around you. :D



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