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Live Smarter with Home technology: A lifetime of Smart living guaranteed with Impression Homes 


Impression Homes leave a lasting impression on your lifestyle without making a deep impression on your pockets  

Every home buyer of Impression Homes accesses a bundle of everlasting value.  Our unique gift offers the inimitable blend of the tangible and the intangible. The excellence in construction and amenities, combine with the peace and tranquillity that all our smart homes guarantee.

In keeping with our promise and commitment of not only meeting but surpassing customer expectations, we use technology to deliver optimum advantage.  Impression Homes spell lifelong energy efficiency for its owners. We bring an array of energy efficient features:

  • A15 SEER HVAC system that ensures that with its higher SEER rating it ensures the efficiency of your systems with minimal/less electricity. 
  • A radiant barrier roof decking, 
  • Vinyl low e-double pane windows, 
  • programmable thermostats, 
  • adjustable thresholds, 
  • insulated exterior doors, 
  • insulated ratings from R13 to R30, 
  • Soffit Vents, 
  • Wind turbines,  
  • R8 Insulated Ducts,
  • Energy Star rated appliances and 
  • Poly seal 

All the above contribute towards conserving electricity and helping our clients save a lot of money.

The home buying journey with us is a memorable one. Our team of experts evaluate each client need and address them with alacrity and perfection. 

Major milestones in home buying are covered with ease through the joint collaboration between our team and you.

Whether it is the financing of your new home, choosing your community, personalizing your home, prearranged meetings with your builders during the construction process right till the fruitful closing everything is well looked after by us for you.

At Impression Homes we create a lifelong relationship. Our 10 year structural warranty ensures our availability to address post buying concerns too. We never “switch off,” from our customer commitment. Our online service team is available 24×7 for assistance.

If you want to embrace a lifetime of smart living in an automated home with a wide array of built in technological features – choose Impression Homes!



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