Who would have thought that the COVID-19 pandemic would become a way for businesses to showcase their creativity and make the most of what is available? Well, that is what is happening now all over the world.

From big corporate companies to small businesses, everyone is coming up with new and innovative ways to ensure the social distancing norms to be followed wherever possible.

Keeping up with this trend, a liquor shop has very creatively come up with a solution of contactless delivery, which has gained immense popularity and attention, including industrialist Anand Mahindra’s.

Anand Mahindra Shares Video On Twitter

On June 15th, Anand Mahindra, an Indian billionaire businessman and the chairman of Mahindra Group, shared a video on Twitter in which a liquor shop is selling alcohol to its customer via a protected chute. 

Anand Mahindra is known for sharing innovative techniques employed by people to ease the regular essential activities

In the video, a man is standing outside the shop, in front of a long chute. A green-colored plastic bottle is sent by the shopkeeper to the customer through the chute to collect money. The customer picks up the bottle, keeps the money through a small cut made in the bottle, and then transfers it back to the shopkeeper.

After the transaction is complete, he receives two liquor bottles following which he leaves the shop. All this happened without any human contact.

No wonder why this idea impressed the viewers on Twitter!

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Reaction Of People

Anand Mahindra, who shared this video, called this idea “clever, but crude”, pointing out to an opportunity for aesthetic ‘contactless’ storefront design. “The future is Bluetooth-enabled shelf-browsing+chute-enabled cash exchange & delivery to your waiting hands/car,” he posted.

Since its upload, the video has had over 200,000 views and over a thousand retweets.

While some people found flaws in the process and gave ideas to improve this further, others are just in awe of this creativity. A Twitter user posted that a pillow in the bucket at the receiving end would ensure that the bottles do not break even if they fall by chance.

People give wonderful ideas on Twitter to improve this method of contactless delivery

Many others simply reacted with “Wow”, “Super” or “Amazing”.

Twitteratis shower their appreciation on this creative idea employed by the liquor vendor to ensure contactless delivery
People, including industrialist Anand Mahindra, love the innovative idea employed by this shopkeeper

Other Instances Where People Came Up With Ideas To Minimize Interaction

It is not the first time in India that a shop has tried an innovative method to ensure safe delivery. 

Anand Mahindra had shared a video in April in which an e-rickshaw driver had compartmentalized its rickshaw into four sections so that the passengers can sit in it without worrying about touching each other.

In fact, he was so impressed with the idea that he mentioned hiring the driver as an advisor to their Research and Development (R&D) & product development teams.

In May, a photo was shared by IAS officer Nitin Sangwan, which showed a milkman’s innovative method for ensuring the contactless delivery of milk.

In the photo shared by him, the milkman pours the milk in a funnel that is collected by the customer in a bowl through a pipe connected to the funnel.

This photo received a ton of appreciation as well.

Netizens appreciated the milkman’s innovative way to minimize human contact while delivering milk

Undoubtedly, Indians are unbeatable when it comes to “jugaad”. This has been proved true again by the liquor vendor and his idea which caught many eyes all over the country.

Image Sources: Google Images, Twitter

Sources: Hindustan Times, NDTV, Twitter

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