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Liliana P. Castillo holds the secret key which can help you earn a fortune out of stocks and forex trading


More than 5000 traders have gained from the right on target strategies that Liliana imparts through her training.

Let’s take a peek at Liliana’s life back when she had just started trading. “Being a novice without any guidance or proper knowledge I jumped into stocks and forex trading with a dream of making it big overnight. The first hour of trading ate my $700 and in a bid to recover that lost money I again traded and lost $300 in the next 10 minutes. This was a learning experience for me and taught me a very important lesson, that one has to have that expert guidance of someone who is experienced and with that thought made up my mind that one day I will successfully mentor people worldwide with my trading knowledge, and that’s how I got hooked onto this career, learning new things each day and adding new methods and strategies to my trading experience”, says Liliana. Today with her vast experience of 8 years, she has mentored more than 5000 aspiring traders achieve their goals of making it big in the world of stocks and forex through her training.

Liliana is a well known figure in the trading circles and has quite a reputation of defeating the market multiple times through her proven strategies. There have been many trades where she has successfully turned $5000 to over $280,000 which is quite a feat. When she started off she neither had the expertise nor any financial backing and was all in debts. With her focussed mind, she strode through the stormy weather and reached where she stands today. She always believed in looking up to and listening to achievers, which played a major role in imbibing the fact in her mind that achieving everything is not a symbol of success but helping others achieve success truly is. 

Liliana, through her online platform trains individuals from over 120 countries today with her training methods simplified for inexperienced traders. It comprises of a simple copy, paste and mint money system which is easy to understand and implement. The platform also provides up to 2000 hours of live interacting trading sessions for the learners to understand the trading process in detail, and with a fee that’s most affordable for all, this learn and earn opportunity is not to be missed.

To know more follow her on Instagram@lillydelsunflower.

For any queries Email Liliana on –

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