Legal Rights For Women In India: A Complete Guide

Awareness about our legal rights for women has always been said to be of crucial importance. Whether you are a homemaker or a full-time working woman, knowledge of fundamental rights can only advance your independence in life. To achieve that goal of creating self-aware and self-conscious female citizens, a Tasmania based company has collaborated with TRS Law Offices (India) to start a website called Girls Gotta Know in order to educate women about their legal rights.

 legal rights for women
Girls Gotta Know: App Interface


Getting Started

The Women’s Legal Service Tasmania decided to undertake a project that would help guide people about their legal rights. The TRS Law Offices (India) saw their project and decided to adapt it for the Indian market.

The collaboration resulted in the form of a website called Girls Gotta Know, where all kinds of information about legal rights for women would be served. The free community legal service is expected to help women gain general knowledge about the laws affecting them.

The Purpose

The female literacy rate in India is 53.7%, implying that nearly 46% women in India are uneducated. Not only the fact that those 46% women are the only ones who suffer due to inept knowledge of their rights but even those who amount to the 53.7%, are also unaware of several important rights that the law grants them.

The purpose of the website is to spread information amongst the young women of their legal rights for women in India. It includes relationship, employment, partying, renting, money and many other such aspects from day-to-day life.

Critical Analysis

The website has divided and displayed the information in six sections. Under each section is a brief description about the section and below that, legal options are available.

Although, the information is presented in an extremely simple manner but it severely lacks thoroughness. There needs to be some stress on detailing upon what possible laws could be applied in a given situation, that could instantly help the victim. We could expect the developers to be inculcating that into the website sooner or later but nonetheless, the effort is quite appreciative.

Since the website is available in two languages Hindi and English, the benefits of this innovative effort can be enjoyed by townsfolk also.

Moreover, a move such as this has no downside to it. More aware citizens means, more conscious decision making and less space for unjust to prevail. A developed society is where the individuals are aware of their rights and duties and can fearlessly enact upon them.


The website is an incredible way to empower the women of the country. An effort such as this truly deserves heads up from us. You can check out the website and let us how did you like this innovative effort of enlightening women about their legal rights in the country.

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