The clips from a Holi celebration went viral on WhatsApp groups and social media. This celebration was organized, by the New Delhi Bar Association, inside the court complex.

The videos of scantily clad women dancers performing on the stage inside the Patiala court complex have led to an uproar. These videos have caused much commotion among the lawyer fraternity. 

Complaint Against The Celebration

On the day following the performance, a group of lawyers went to the President and office bearers of the New Delhi Bar Association to complain about the obscene dance performance. This kind of celebration organized by the Bar Association was “shocking.”

They wrote, “Unfortunately, yesterday we also came across some video clippings of a celebration organized by the Delhi Bar Association on the occasion of Holi, featuring scantily-clad women dancers, performing what can best be described as inappropriate dance numbers.”

The group of lawyers condemned the organizers of the party as they were responsible for this obscenity inside the court complex.

The complaint also notes, “This letter is not directed against the dancers themselves, who were doing their job, and no disrespect is intended to them.

However, an event of this nature being hosted by a bar association is shocking. It is even more appalling that this celebration was held in the premises of Patiala House courts.”

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lawyers dance performance

Unbecoming Of The Lawyer

The complainants said that the event was inappropriate and sexist, and that it was unbecoming of lawyers to host this. The letter says, “As lawyers, we ought to uphold the Constitution and work towards gender equality in the workplace. These actions lower the majesty of the Court and also amount to various other legal wrongs.”

The lawyers equated this event with sexual harassment of non-verbal nature. This can create a hostile work environment for women lawyers, staff, and judicial officers who regularly visit and work in the Patiala House Court. 

The letter called out the event to be in poor taste. They emphasized that the Supreme Court is just a kilometer away and it’s shameful to organize such an event when the Chief Justice of India has always encouraged the inclusion of women in the legal profession.

Cultural Event Only

President of the New Delhi Bar Association Jagdeep Vats said that the event was cultural and had other performances like bhangra as well. The eminent senior lawyers had left when the cultural performance took place.

The Delhi Bar Council chairman Murari Tiwari told the Print that he was out of town when the event happened. He only came across the viral videos on Friday. Vats has assured that the event would not bring down the legal fraternity. He said that a notice has been issued to the event manager. 

Not taking responsibility for the event and calling it strictly cultural shows how the powerful get away with things easily. This is a reflection of the system in India, where the powerful shy away from their responsibility by transferring the blame to someone else.

Systems are created to help people and not trap them. This system of not taking responsibility for one’s actions should change. This is when we would usher into a new India.

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