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A student’s take on the animated movie: Tangled.



“AT Laaaaaast I see the light seems like the fog is lifted”.These are the lines of my favourite song from a beautiful animated movie “tangled”. In the movie, Rapunzel sings this song when after chasing her daydream for a long time she finally sees the light.

Yes I m a lover of animated movies. I just love the way emotions are expressed by these animated characters. I m really sorry to say this but I feel that the way animated movies can express emotions no real characters can. People do have an impression that animated movies are meant for kids and are supposed to be watched by kids only but that is not true.

Here is my take on my favorite animated movie TANGLED. The reason as to why I love this movie is simply because it is not like any other animated movie. The innocence by which Rapunzel wants to run away you feel like running away with her, you feel like accompanying her in fulfilling her day dream and when she sees the light you feel like celebrating with her and then as she is heartbroken when Eugene leaves her you feel like crying with her. It is not just like any other conventional fairy tale where in the whole movie our princess is eagerly waiting for her prince charming to come so that she can fall in love with him and realizes that how beautiful life is with him. This has something much more than that old days fairy tale.

Starting with the characters the protagonist of the story Rapunzel is not weak in her character she is strong full of life and curious to know the world where she has never been. Apart from that she craves for a dream to see the light and for that she crosses every boundary so that for once in life she can feel how it feels like when your dream comes true. The next character of this story is our prince charming Eugene who is not even close to being an ideal prince, rich and honest in fact he is just the opposite of what we see in these movies he is a thief, he does not just fall in love with the princess at first glance, he is a veteran liar and he is a flirt with a great sense of humour. And then other characters like the chameleon who is Rapunzel’s pet he does not have dialogs but the witty charm of its emotions truly takes your heart away. Then comes the cruel character of the story the evil spirit mother Gothel who is smart witty and has the presence mind. Apart from these characters all other characters like Maximus a horse who just behaves like a pet dog , pub thugs are adorable and give life to these not so important roles.

It is a movie which will take you through roller coaster of emotions and leaves you perplexed at the charm by which the course of action takes place. The soothing and melancholic music is a plus point for this one. The voice of the characters suit their roles. While some scenes mesmerize you with beauty others fill you up with terror like the scene where Eugene almost dies (my personal favorite) and Rapunzel with her short brown hair sings her last wish song and then Eugene opens his eyes and says “did I ever tell you that i have a thing for brunette”. It is a light and exquisite movie for a weekend that will amuse you with a tinge of humor in  it.



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