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Ladies, Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts of Grooming Your Pubic Hair – SexED


There are two types of women:

Those who like it smoooooth…


And then there are those who think natural beauty needs to be preserved…

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Which one are you?

In case you are the former, you will relate with this. If you happen to be the latter, you are either too shy or too scared to experiment with your lady parts, or you just feel that some things should be left as they are.

However, this is for those of you in the second category who are feeling a little adventurous, and have been thinking about doing some mowing.

The occasion can be anything: prep for a “special” night with the hubby (or boyfriend – but then… “Haw! Shaadi se pehle ye sab?!“),  or maybe just something you have been thinking about doing when you will get the house/bathroom to yourself.

Either way, before we begin with the do’s and don’ts, you should know your options…

So there’s the American favorite: Waxing.


The beginner’s practice: Shaving


Naa aar, na paar: Trimming
Some women use a pair of scissors, others prefer trimmers – without rotating heads, of course!


The safe route: Au natural (with a little decor)


Or if you are a little crazy about funk (like Miley Cyrus): Coloring


Before you go down one of these roads, read up as much as you can, and make an informed choice. Don’t worry about others, and don’t go after the sheep culture (no puns here). If you are worried about what mean like, here’s what Daniel Radcliffe has to say

This is way too much information, but I don’t like girls with nothing down there either. It freaks me out. You have to have something, otherwise it’s fucking creepy.

So basically, it’s up to you. However, if you DO choose to clean up the drawers, read this before you start:


  • Stretch your skin properly. Be it razors or waxing or scissors, all of it works better on dispersed hair. So make sure there is enough area to run around with – no loose skin, please!
  • Chemical safety needs to be checked. If you use hair removal creams (we don’t recommend this), make sure it’s okay to get this substance around your vagina. Same goes with wax and colors. Test it on another part of body for allergies.
  • Use proper apparatus. The wax you use should be of good quality (don’t try to cut costs here, please). Make sure the scissors are sharp and you have full control. There are special razors available for this, use them. Use shaving cream/foam specifically made for this purpose, too.
  • Pre-treatment treatment: In case you are looking for a 100% smooth patch, cut the hair short before you start. Shorter strands are more easily removed by wax and razors. Some suggest exfoliation before as well as after the procedure, but this is optional.
  • Post-treatment treatment: Exfoliation is important now. You must scrub the area to save it from irritation and soften the skin. You are opening pores that were protected by follicle roots, and making them vulnerable to homeless microbes. To avoid infections, in-growth and bumps, keep the region dry, hygienic and clean at least for the first two weeks.
  • Clean up after yourself. It’ll be awkward if your roommates come home to find a bathroom strewn with short, curly hair!
  • Be regular. Most Indian mothers try to delay waxing for their girls because they know it’s a high maintenance job, and requires regular attention. This is something like that. If you want to remain clean, you gotta mark those dates. Practice makes perfect!


  • Don’t do it if you don’t want to. Hair removal from the private parts is more of a fashion statement than a necessity. It has more cons than pros – though the cons aren’t especially daunting. However, this personal choice must depend on you alone. As for your man, if he wants the flower, he’s gotta deal with the thorns!
  • First timers beware and be prepared for the pain. In the words of Sherri Shepherd, “[It] hurts worse than having a baby”. Okay, maybe a little exaggerated, but yeah it’s a LOT of pain. Prepare yourselves.
  • Take help. Go to the parlor and get it done professionally if you are not a pro. You can observe, learn and then practice at home on small patches. Also, keep someone close in case something goes wrong. Remember: “a friend in need, will help with the weed”
  • Do NOT go thrifty here. Don’t try to sneak the cheap dye or shaving foam or wax or anything else anywhere around your baby girl. She is precious and you gotta take care of her well. If you don’t want to buy the product, then keep the crop!
  • Don’t go crazy either. Unless you know what you are doing, you better not try anything fancy. Don’t color or shape it intricately by yourself. Don’t try flowers and/or shading: you are no landscape artist. Yet.
  • Oh, and don’t try the Epillator. That’s just asking for torture! Unnecessary pain.

So that’s about all for the basics. In case you can’t figure something out, or don’t understand something, ask us. Or ask your doctor. But please – in the name of all female Goddesses – ask SOMEONE. Because, even if you aren’t new to this, you should NOT risk this part of your body.

Talk to us in the comments about what you think of these tips. Are you inspired to try them? Did you try them? Did you like them? Do you think we missed something? Tell us!

If you can’t, you should probably read this: Behind the Taboo: Sex Education in India



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