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By Sneha Garodia

koffee-with-karan-season-3The definition of a perfect Sunday evening for many of us right now would be in front of the television watching Koffee With Karan at 9 p.m. on Star World India. The chat show is hosted by Karan Johar (KJo), the noted film producer and director. The first season was aired in 2004 and won the hearts of many watchers. Currently, the fourth season of the show is running successfully. The host unfailingly brings all the funny and exciting elements to it for sustaining the viewer’s interest.


The show aims at earning high TRPs through the revelations made by the actors on each other’s lives. In fact, it’s also said that the big screen stars too are excited and at the same time, anxious and petrified when they’re invited to the not so cosy but the desirable ‘COUCH’. Karan is always prepared to reveal their hidden secrets, which lands them up in fatal controversies at times. But this definitely gives ‘MASALA’ to the audience!! And who doesn’t love gossip? This season commenced with a bang as the charming and most loved ‘bhai-jaan’, Salman Khan started the season.





It was followed by a scintillating episode when the beautiful diva Kareena Kapoor teased her cousin, Ranbir Kapoor publically regarding Katrina Kaif on the sets of this show, which sparked mixed reactions from all! Even watching Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor’s bonhomie on the set was a treat to the eyes.


But the so called quintessential 100-crore queen Sonakshi Sinha created a buzz in the media by allegedly demanding to be invited on the ‘Couch’ alongside her R.Rajkumar co-star Shahid Kapoor! So, here’s another star who has fallen in her own word trap! ­­Sonakshi-Sinha-Shaid-Kapoor-at-Koffee-With-Karan-Season-4-3

Karan heartily welcomes his guest over a cup of coffee which turns into a bitter-sweet memory at the end of the show. Apparently, the most awaited and enthralling segment of the show is the ‘RAPID FIRE’ round, where KJo throws a volley of questions to his guests to which they’ve to give spontaneous answers. And there is no escapism from this trap for the innocent celebrities. After all, it earns TRPs for the show! Like for example, Amir Khan surprised us by disclosing that the best pick-up line used on him was by a gutsy girl who told him directly that she wants to sleep with him! And he admired her for being so straight-forward. SO, for all the Amir lovers, you know what can charm him! Also, Emraan Hashmi synonymised ‘plastic to Aishwarya Rai Bacchan’. Now that must have certainly made him top the hater’s list of many!


Then there is the Coffee Quiz round where the knowledge of the stars is tested. But you know it’s always better not to give answers than giving wrong ones while being interviewed. And the defaulter to  this rule was by the Student of the Year actress, Alia Bhatt. She confidently shocked all of us by calling Prithviraj Chavan our country’s President!  It was extremely hilarious and I challenge you that you cannot control your laughter while watching that scene.

Although Karan grills his guests initially, but he also allures the stars who are competitors for the entrancing winner hampers. But this time, our dearest Akshay Kumar had turned the table around and interviewed KJo instead. Akky gave KJo the taste of his own savoury dish! Ah! It was such a delight to see Karan’s flabbergasting expressions.


The end of the show is nearing but it is also symbolic of the ladder that it has climbed so far. Bidding goodbye to this season would draw us closer to another season, for which the viewers are already holding their breath!

They make us laugh,
They make us cry,
They make us fall in love,
They make us fall out of it,
But they will rule our hearts forever,
And that no one would deny!!



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