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Fondest memory of my childhood have been eating the most scrumptious, soft, buttery cakes from Kayani bakery and eating them till my mother snatched the box. Anybody who has to Pune would have surely heard of Kayani bakery and its Shrewsbury biscuits but for those who haven’t this is all you need to know about it


Kayani Bakery was started by Hormuz and Khodayar Irani in 1955.They had emigrated from Iran before 1947, along with a group of people, many of whom settled in Pune and began the business of bakeries.


Public Spot:

Kayani is a Pune landmark. Since it was first set up in 1955, this little bakery has had serpentine queues forming at the door every morning and afternoon—mainly for their popular Shrewsbury biscuits. Even if you get there before the doors open in the morning or after siesta, chances are patrons will already be lining up and you’ll have to fight a few off on your way in. But the aroma that suffuses the old-school bakery—of warm butter, melted sugar, and vanilla—is alone enough to make the visit worthwhile.



Sometimes the place is so crowded that they have to close the main shutter and let only five people at once leave from a small wicket gate so that things can function properly. This hungry for cake crowd can be seen near Christmas but you can always find some of these people around. The owners cater to more than 400 customers on a weekday and a 100 plus on weekends.


When to go?

The timings for this bakery are a little short, because their products vanish in minutes. But its open every day and I guarantee that it’s all worth the wait.IMG_2448


Don’t go expecting a fancy place with elegant seating, this place is known for its food and only its food. There is a very simple system of choosing what you want from the big blackboard menu and then ordering at the counter and pay. And as soon as you pay they start packing and preparing your things like a boss right in front of you.


The menu and what to order?

The menu is brilliant; it has everything that makes your mouth water. And the very simple display of a chalk board makes you feel that now you are in a different era of simplicity and taste. The prices have hardly changed and thus are very pocket friendly and total value for money.


And things to try for sure are Mawa Cake, Shrewsbury Biscuit and Khari. But always experiment everything here from simple bread to full-fledged cakes is delicious and loved by everyone in Pune.

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With a cause too!

And if things could get even better after all this they are Eco Friendly also.


So next time you are in Pune tell your cab driver or your friend to take you to Kayani bakery, East Street and have a time of your life. Drop in your reviews about the place.

And order Mawa Cake it’s been my personal favorite by 10 years now!

They have no branches so only this place for the beautiful cakes of heaven.

Nishita Karun
Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.


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