Life has never been easy for anyone. We all have to go through struggles at some point in our lives. We all have to go through setbacks. Even the most successful persons you could ever think of life through that phase too. But when we confront these challenges, we have the choice of how to cope with or respond to that kind of situation. It is in our hands to build and train our minds to be positive and unstoppable amid trials and difficulties in life. The one who wins over hard situations is the winner. 

Karrishma Kar is an actress, Instagram Star, model, and Social Media Influencer. On 12 September, she was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, in India. She embarked on her career as a Social Media Star. She is famous among the Instagram crowd because of her striking profile, where she regularly posts many good pictures, reels, DIY videos, and other lifestyle stuff. She had also made several appearances in TV shows and music videos.

Everyone has their struggles and Karrishma Kar had them too. She struggled a lot at a young age and she knows very well that nothing comes easy, you have to ardently work hard for it. At a young age, she was struggling to manage modelling, studies, family, friends all together. It was tough to keep balance. But as a result, she is now mentally and emotionally so strong she can now deal with anything by herself.

Karrishma is a fitness freak and loves to keep herself fit and healthy. She is fond of exercising daily, fasting, learning about anti-aging nutrition, reading biographies and self-improvement books, and meditating. And for her being healthy doesn’t mean maintaining a specific body figure but being healthy inside out both physically and mentally. She comes forward from time to time and talks and spreads awareness about very crucial topics and struggles faced by the young generation. 

Karrishma is also a great dog lover from many years it’s part of her life she cooks food by her own and feeds stray dogs every day. She gives food to 40 to 45 dogs.she took care of stray dogs and fed them daily. 

Karrishma kar believes a woman should always do what she loves and follow her dreams. Every woman has a right to choose their career; it can be staying home or going out and working.

Learning how to counter challenges takes time, persistence, and an optimistic attitude. No matter your life situation, the hard times will happen. But, with the right mindset and practice, you will be able to withstand them every time and grow in the process she quoted.

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